iPad Mini Launch In China Brings Only A Handful Of People

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As you might be aware that iPad mini was going to be launched in China today, well at least those folks who are living in China. The iPad mini launch gained no major headlines today in China, it didn’t even get much of a crowd at all!

iPad Mini China

When it comes to Apple products, you normally would expect people waiting in lines for hours. Hell, some even start waiting weeks before the launch date, setting up camps and stuff just to be the first person to get their hands on Apple’s new shiny device.

You would have expected the same thing for the iPad mini; well I hate to disappoint you, but there were hardly any people waiting in line outside Apple stores today in China to get an iPad mini!

Now this might come as a surprise to most of you considering iPad mini is an Apple product. But if you remember iPad mini did not do that well in other countries around the world, where there were hardly any people waiting in lines.

It happened the same in China.

Unlike in the past where people fought in lines waiting for the iPhone 4S. The same could not be said for the iPad mini. People in China had to make early reservations to get an iPad mini or the iPad 4 (because of past problems), this time there were hardly any people buying this smaller form factor of the iPad. According to IT World who were present at Beijing’s Wangfujing district Apple store only saw four people coming to get an iPad mini!

Now this is something that will definitely worry Apple investors.

But do not worry folks (investors), Apple is still expected to sell tons of Apple products in China and considering iPhone 5 launch is only a couple of heads ahead, we will expect some long lines.

Until then Apple will have to work harder to sell more iPad minis.

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