Tim Cook CEO Of Apple Gives His First Interview (Video)

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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has given his first interview to a TV channel. For those of you who are pure Apple-geeks then you might find this video of Tim Cook giving an interview very interesting. Well check out Tim Cook’S video interview below.

Tim Cook gave his first interview to NBC news channel, which have released the entire interview for us to see. Check out the part one of the interview above and part two of the interview below.

Tim Cook in his interview talks about how he and Apple handled Steve Jobs death and how they are expecting Apple to be in the future. Tim Cook further mentions why Apple is so secretive about its products and their relationship with Samsung which so far seems to be a never-ending fight.

One thing I found really interesting was when the interviewer asked Tim Cook about an Apple TV; although CEO of Apple did not give a direct answer but he did mention that they found that segment of the market very interesting and currently see it as something they can improve on.

I see an Apple TV right there.

Well folks do watch the interview and let us know what you think about Tim Cook in the comment section below.

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