iPhone 5 Now Ships Immediately! (In Stock)

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Well those of you who are still waiting to get an iPhone 5, we have some good news. iPhone 5 can now be shipped immediately as it is in stocks now!

iPhone 5 when it was initially launched got sold out within the first 2-3 hours. It was the fastest sell out of an Apple product which was later confirmed by Apple. The fastest sell-out meant one thing; people who had not bough an iPhone 5 would now had to wait months before getting the latest iteration of the iPhone.

After the 2-3 hours of the initial pre-order, iPhone 5 shipping dates shot up to one month. That’s one month waiting to get an iPhone which you had ordered on the same day!

With time the shipping dates for iPhone 5 greatly improved coming down to 2-4 business days just a couple of days ago.

Well today we have some great news and that is iPhone 5 is finally “in stock” now.

What that means is that if you order an iPhone 5 today, you can get your shiny new device at the same time! So if you had not ordered an iPhone 5 now, this is the best time to be getting an iPhone because of the shipping times which have greatly improved.

iPhone 5 by the year end will be available in more then 100 countries, which means many people around the world will be able to get their hands on Apple’s latest device.

Have you got an iPhone 5?

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