Download Google Maps App On iOS 6 For iPhone (Link)

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It’s finally here. Google Maps for iOS 6 is here for you to download. I suggest you simply download the Google Maps for iOS 6 right now from the download link below and enjoy the awesomeness that comes with it.

Download Google Maps For iOS 6

When Apple launched iOS 6 beta, people noticed one major thing and that was there was no Google Maps app on it. Initially people thought it was a mistake and later Apple would fix it, but later we learned that Apple had kicked Google Maps off from iOS 6.

Now it is back and even better than before.

Apple has finally approved Google Maps for iOS 6 and boy are we so glad that Apple has done this. Many people were expecting Apple wouldn’t accept Google Maps (for quite sometime Apple didn’t), well Apple has finally accepted Google Maps, and it is available for you to download via Apple store.

Google Maps for iOS 6 is only available to download for iPhone and iPod touch, Google has mentioned iPad support will arrive soon.

Google Maps supports turn-by-turn direction, Street view and a “reliable” live traffic information.

If you had used the native maps app on iOS 6 which was made by Apple, you would notice the huge difference between these apps. Google Maps is hundred times better than Apple’s maps app. No wonder Tim Cook had to apologize for the maps app fiasco.

Download Google Maps iOS 6

Have an iPhone 5? Well do not worry as Google Maps has been optimized for the iPhone 5 as well.

For those of you who are wondering whether this maps app by Google is better then the one offered on Android, well folks Google has mentioned that Google Maps for iOS 6 is better on iOS. Well there you go folks, another reason to download Google Maps app.

Are you happy that Google Maps has been released for iOS 6?

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