Trick Siri Into Getting Directions From Google Maps Instead of Apple Maps

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Are you a big fan of Siri? If yes, then you are going to love this little trick. This new method, tricks Siri into getting directions from Google maps instead of Apple’s not-so-useful maps application.

Siri; Apple’s virtual assistant feature has had some highs and lows in the past. Some people love having a personal assistant with them while on the other hand some find it utterly useless. Well to make it a bit more useful there is little trick to get directions from Google Maps instead of Siri.

To make this trick work you first need to install Google maps on your iOS device. Once you have done that ask Siri for directions but instead of the normal phrase add “via transit” at the end. Such as “find me the directions to the nearest Apple Store via transit”. It will open up Apple maps but then switch to transport maps, in that you will see “Google Maps”. Tap on that and it will show you directions via Google Maps.

If you wanted to completely skip Apple maps then this sounds good but there is a slight problem and that is; Siri sometimes is not able to recognize the word “via transit”. Instead of “via transit” it brings up words such as “why a” and “pheatta” and other random words. So be a bit more clear when you see the last two words.

Although this trick would bypass Apple maps but it does make the whole process a bit slow. You have to make a few more taps then usual. If you want the experience a bit faster then you can simply launch Google maps app and search directions from there.

Well next time you use Siri, definitely give this little trick a try to get directions from Google maps instead of Apple using Siri.

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