iOS 6.0.2 Makes iPhone 5 & iPad Mini’s Battery Drain Faster!

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Day before yesterday Apple released a minor upgrade on the iOS 6 platform. The new firmware iOS 6.0.2 was specifically aimed at the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini which fixed a couple of bugs including a wireless network bug. But in doing that it has brought another problem and that is the battery drainage. iPhone 5 and iPhone mini are now facing quite a lot of battery loss.


Apple released iOS 6.0.2 mentioning that it would those fix iPhone 5 and iPad minis who aren’t able to connect to wireless networks properly. Well the new firmware does fix those bugs but in doing so it created another problem.

The latest gadgets from Apple are now facing a battery drain.

Apple in the past has been criticized regarding battery drainage problems. When Apple launched iOS 5, many people reported a huge battery drain which was later fixed by Apple. It seems the same thing has happened here.

To fix the wireless network problem, it seems Apple has made the wireless network connection a bit too strong. Although it now easily catches wireless networks but because of that it now drains the battery faster.

Many people have reported about battery drainage problems:

My battery has gone from 65% to 40% in the last hour with little use, hopeless!

I had the battery completely drain overnight which has never happened before.

I have the same issue. The phone is buring like hot rock

So if you haven’t updated to iOS 6.0.2 then I highly suggest you don’t do it.

Apple will release another upgrade to fix this battery drainage problem soon. So until then do not update to iOS 6.0.2, well unless you are not having any network problems.

Are you experiencing any battery drain on your iPhone 5 or the iPad mini? Let us know in the comment below.

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