Auxo Jailbreak Tweak Might Just Be The Best Cydia Tweak!

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Those of you who love following the latest releases on jailbroken applications/tweaks, then you might recognize this app called Auxo. It is one of the latest and best Cydia tweaks I have seen so far. Check out details about Auxo Cydia tweak below.

Auxo app

Auxo App

Auxo app completely revamps your App Switcher, making it look and feel 100 times better than the current one. Auxo which was bourn out of a concept features full-on-preview of the applications that are currently running in the App Switcher. Current applications are displayed in a card shape in the App Switcher (as shown on the image above).

This just looks pretty fabulous.

Auxo also offers settings for music. Simply swipe to left and it will bring music controls. You can change the volume of the music that is currently being played and if you tap the album art, it will show the album in full screen.

Swipe again to the left and it will bring general controls for your iOS device. There are two rows of buttons which will allow you to control settings on your iOS device such as Wi-Fi, 3G, Airplane mode, etc (much like SBSettings). It also features a brightness slider that allows you to change the brightness level on your iOS device.

To give you an idea on how Auxo works Jeff over at iDownloadblog has a great video featuring Auxo.

Can you see how amazing Auxo is? It definitely tops my list of best Jailbreak tweaks of 2012.

Now before you get all happy there is a catch. Auxo only works on iOS 6 firmware meaning those of you who still haven’t updated to iOS 6, you won’t be able to run it. Considering Auxo to be only compatible with iOS 6; that means those A5+ devices won’t be able to get it on iDevice, as currently we do not have a jailbreak for A5+ processor.

Those of you who have an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th Generation are in luck as you fulfill the requirements on installing Auxo on your iDevice. If you have one of these devices then go ahead and download Auxo from the BigBoss repo for $1.99. It certainly is worth the money.

The quality on Auxo makes it seem as if Apple themselves have created this awesome tweak. I really hope Apple implements this feature in upcoming firmwares.

Now I simply can’t wait for a jailbreak for A5+ devices. Thoughts?

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