iPad 5 To Be Launched In March 2013: Report

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If you have recently bought the iPad 4, I suggest you do not read this. According to a new report it is expected that Apple will launch iPad 5 (fifth generation) to the general public in March 2013.

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iPad 5 Launch

When Apple launched iPad 4 this year, many people were simply shocked because they did not expect Apple to launch a new iPad just five months after the launch of iPad 3. iPad 4 which is a minor upgrade (considering only specs are upgraded) made many people a bit upset because they did not expect Apple to launch the next generation iPad so early.

Although Apple did mention that those iPad owners who bought an iPad 3 within the last 30 days were eligible to swap one for the new iPad 4, which basically only features a faster processor. Those lucky enough did manage to get the new iPad 4 in exchange for iPad 3 but the rest were simply left out by Apple.

Well for those iPad 4 owners we have a bit of bad news. Apple is considering to launch the next generation iPad, that is the fifth version only after three months! Yes folks only three months left till Apple launches the iPad 5.

This new report comes out of the reliable Japanese Blog Macotakara which mentions that iPad 5 will be lighter, thinner, have a design that resembles the iPad mini and be launched in March 2013.

It’s kind of a no-brainer that iPad 5 will be thinner and lighter. This is what is normally expected from an upcoming Apple product, but iPad 5 launching in March? Well that’s kind of a bit hard to accept. If it does come out to be true, it means Apple will launch next generation iPad just five months after the iPad 4!

You might just put off buying that iPad 4 you had in your mind.

iPad 5 is expected to be shrunk by 4mm in height, 2mm thinner and 17mm in width compared to the iPad 4. If these new specs are to be believed iPad 5 will be on par with the iPad mini

Well folks what do you think about the iPad 5?

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3 Comments to iPad 5 To Be Launched In March 2013: Report

  1. I highly suggest you people stop considering rumors by scam-artist macotacara as “sources”.
    Never doubted that apple is leaning towards minimizing the life-cycle of the products but if the only source is macotacara, I would just consider it a rumor from a NON credible source!

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