Block Unwanted Calls On iPhone Without Jailbreaking!

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Are you one of those people who continuously get calls from people you do not know and want to block those calls? Well we have some solutions which will help you block those unwanted calls and that too without jailbreaking your iPhone! Check out the methods below on blocking unwanted calls for your iPhone!

We have the answer.

We have the answer.

Block Unwanted Calls on iPhone

From now and then we get some calls which we seriously want to avoid, maybe an ex-girlfriend or that guy you met at a party and mistakenly gave your number. You just want a method to block these unwanted calls on your iPhone, well folks we have some mini tweaks that you can use to block these calls.

If you are a jailbreak-fan then you would know that there are some apps in the Cydia store that completely block numbers on your iPhone such as iBlackList. But you might be aware that we currently do not have a jailbreak solution for iOS 6. So that leaves jailbreaking out of the question.

So does that mean you can’t block those calls? Well no.

Do Not Disturb Feature

“Do Not Disturb” feature of iOS 6 is often ignored. It just sits there waiting to be used and most of you probably do not know how to use that feature. Well if you are a bit clever you can use this feature to block those unwanted calls.

To activate Do Not Disturb feature simply go to settings and tap the button next to Do Not Disturb. If you do that it will show a moon symbol right next to the time.

Do Not Disturb feature active.

Do Not Disturb feature active.

Once you have activated the Do Not Disturb feature now tap on the Notifications. Again tap on the Do Not Disturb and you will be presented with a screen that is below. Here is where you can block those numbers (indirectly).

Tap on “Allow Calls from” and from there you can select the group that you want to take calls from. If you simply want your close friends and family to be able to call you add those numbers to your favorites and make sure “Allow Calls From” is selected to Favorites. Also make sure “Repeated Calls” is turned off if you do not want to hear your bell ring again from that person.

Eliminate those unwanted calls!

Eliminate those unwanted calls!

You can also schedule your Do Not Disturb feature, this will make sure you get some important calls and have a good night sleep, away from those unwanted to calls. Do try this feature and let us know.

YouMail Blocks Unwanted Call For iPhone

If you do not quite get the hang of Do Not Disturb feature we have an iPhone app called YouMail (no-jailbreak required). You guys might have heard about it, its quite a popular app for leaving custom made voice messages.

Many people use YouMail to block unwanted calls on their iPhone, so how do they do it?

What most people do is create a group; put all those unwanted numbers in a group named “Blacklist” and select a voicemail for them such as ” This number is disconnected!” or “This number is no longer in use”. When that person calls you, he/she will hear this message and will be tricked into thinking that the person no longer uses this number.

This is a genius idea!

This is a genius idea!

This method is very effective for blocking unwanted calls on your iPhone. You can download YouMail for iPhone which is completely free! Do try this method and let us know in the comment section.

Block Numbers On iPhone Using Carrier

The third method that is used to block numbers on iPhone is by asking your carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. Those of you who are AT&T and Verizon subscribers and get any number blocked by simply calling them up.

AT&T: AT&T has a feature called Smart Limits that allows you to block up to 30 numbers. This feature does not only block calls but blocks all unwanted SMS from that particular number. But as you know carriers do not do anything for free. AT&T charges $4.99/month for this service.

Verizon: Verizon has the same feature as AT&T but it blocks only 20 numbers. As expected Verizon charges the same $4.99/month for blocking unwanted calls and SMS on your iPhone.

World Carriers: Almost every carrier in the world has an option for you to block specific numbers. Simply talk to a customer representative and they will help you in blocking unwanted calls and SMS.

Those are some of the methods to block unwanted calls and messages on your iPhone. Do give them a try.

iBlackList Cydia Tweak

The title does mention “without jailbreaking” so why am I mentioning a Cydia tweak? Well, when it comes to blocking unwanted calls and messages on your iPhone there is no better app out there then one called “iBlackList”. It is currently the best method to block unwanted calls and messages on your iPhone, so it doesn’t really hurt to mention it, right?

Well those of you who might be interested in iBlackList, it currently is only one of the few tweaks out there which genuinely block all calls and messages from any number you want. It does not have a number limit like the carriers so you can block as many numbers as you want.

It currently is available in Cydia (jailbreak required) for a heft price of $9.99. So you might want to jailbreak your iPhone.

The number one app to block unwanted calls!

The number one app to block unwanted calls!

Those were some of the methods to block unwanted calls and messages. If you have read the entire post then you would get an idea on which solution will be perfect for you.

Do let us know which method you have tried and it has worked for you to block unwanted calls and messages.

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6 Comments to Block Unwanted Calls On iPhone Without Jailbreaking!

  1. I followed your instructions—-I listed my “CONTACTS” on the “Allow Calls From” as I definitely want to receive calls from
    my customers—-I did NOT schedule a time as I want this to operate 24/365—I hope I am correct by NOT scheduling a time frame—-Immediately after programming my phone an unwanted number rang in—but—on two notes of the ring tone rang and the number was cancelled—I hope the do not disturb blocked this call and it was not a case of the caller hanging up so quickly—I will wait to see what happens on the next unwanted call—I sure hope this works—It is so simple—

  2. I went to the trouble of Jailbreaking my iPhone 5, bought and installed iBlackList, enabled the blocking for Unknown calls and it didn’t work. I rang my cellphone from my landline, making sure to block my I.D and my iPhone still rang and said Unknown Caller.

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