Apple To Upgrade MacBook Air & Pro – MacBook Air To Get Retina Display

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Apple is once again all set to unleash some more amazing products but before revealing the new ones, Apple is about refresh some of its old products. Now the big question is which product need some improvement? So the answer is quite simple, it is the MacBook Air and MacBook pro. According to a report Apple has already requested its suppliers to produce updated models of MacBook Air and MacBook pro. Checkout all the details about these new improvements right here:


The new MacBook Air and MacBook pro, will be loaded with new processor, high-resolution Retina displays, or maybe even phase out the older displays completely. Apple is contacting all possible suppliers to start this new work on the MacBooks, so that the product will be ready till June 2013.

MacBook Air 1

The report also mentioned that the present MacBook Air models can face a price drops ahead of the product refresh, but this would be unlike Apple’s typical Mac upgrade strategy. Apple’s main Mac update strategy is to succeed a current Mac model with the refreshed version without providing official price drops ahead of these refreshes.

Apple always wants to keep a high margin of profit for it but this they have to drop the prices of these newly and refreshed MacBooks so that more customers can get their hands on their devices. The report by DigiTimes mentions that only internal changes will take place, outer design will not be changed. The report also concluded that Apple’s MacBook’s shipments will reach 17 million units in 2013.


Last year Apple ungraded MacBooks in June 2012 and this time the refreshment will be also done in the same month in 2013. This is because Apple call its annual conference every year in the month of June, so surely this will be the right time to disclose this amazing news about improvement in MacBooks.

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