How To Download Vshare For iPhone iPad iPod Touch (Installous Alternative)

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Just before 2012 ended, there was a big news relating to the jailbreak community. Installous, one of the most popular apps on Cydia was shut down by the Hackulous team. Well although we won’t be getting it back but we do currently have Installous alternatives. One of these Installous Alternatives is an app called Vshare also known as App VV. Find out how to download Vshare for your iOS device below.

Vshare or App VV is an Installous alternative.

Vshare or App VV is an Installous alternative.

Download Vshare

Vshare which is an Installous alternative allows you to download applications, the same way as Installous did. As Installous has been shut down, you now have the option of downloading applications through Vshare for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The new version of Vshare is now compatible with iPad. There is one complain from users regarding Vshare and that is, most of it is written in Chinese and the translation in English is minimum.

To download Vshare for your iOS device follow the guide below.

Method To Install Vshare

Disclaimer: We at Maypalo have not tested this method on downloading/installing Vshare for iOS devices so proceed at your own risk. Maypalo is against piracy and therefor do not recommend downloading Vshare or other Installous alternatives. Download apps legally through App Store. This post is for informational purpose only.

The step by step guide on installing Vshare for your iOS device is below.

STEP 1: Make sure your device is jailbroken to install Vshare.

STEP 2: Once jailbroken head over to Cydia and install AppSync. As Hackulous is down, you might want to get it from the repo “insanely”. To do that add the following repo:

STEP 3: Once that is done, download Vshare or App VV by going to this link “”. Copy the text and paste it in your browser, sorry we can’t directly link to it.

STEP 4: Make sure you download the Vshare IPA file into your iTunes library. Simply drag the icon into iTunes.

STEP 5: Now you will need to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iTunes. To do that connect your iOS device to your computer and sync the Vshare IPA file.

Note: If you encounter an error here, this is likely due to you not being able to sync the Vshare IPA file correctly.

STEP 6: Once that is done, you will see the Vshare app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

That is it. If you have followed the guide properly you should now have installed Vshare on your iOS device.

Like always you can comment below to let us know if the guide worked or you are facing any problems.

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8 Comments to How To Download Vshare For iPhone iPad iPod Touch (Installous Alternative)

  1. I have installed Vshare app in my iphone 4, running 6.0.1 ios. I installed it successfully and open it and dowonload some apps from Vshare, it downloaded apps as well but it did not install any app and it’s instalation fails everytime and apps doesnot seem at spring board, any help? thanks.

  2. I downloaded vshare but it does not sync into iTunes when I connect it to the laptop..
    And when I download thing on vshare it go in the download but does make any process downloading.

  3. I downloaded Stylish sprint from vShare and when i play it its in chinese, how can i change it to english?

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