Download “Cracked Apps” For Free Without Jailbreaking Using Kuaiyong!

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It seems the shutting down of Installous hasn’t been good to developers, in fact it has been quite the opposite. When we reported that Installous had been shut down many developers rejoiced considering it would now be harder to download paid apps for free. But since the shutting down of the most popular app on Cydia it seems more Installous alternatives have sprung up. This time we have a new app called Kuaiyong.

Kuaiyong allows you to download cracked apps on iOS devices

Kuaiyong allows you to download cracked apps on iOS devices

Cracked Apps For Free Using Kuaiyong!

It seems we are getting apps that allow you to download other paid apps for free on a daily basis since the shutting down of Installous. What is even worse, or for others, “the best thing” is that Kuaiyong does need you to jailbreak your iOS device!

Yes folks, with Kuaiyong you can download cracked apps for free even without jailbreaking!

You might already be aware of another app called Zeusmos that allows you to download paid apps for free without jailbreaking, well folks, Kuaiyong does the same thing.

Kuaiyong which basically means “Use Quickly” in Chinese gives users the ability to download cracked apps for free. Unlike Zeusmos it works quite differently. Kuaiyong uses bulk enterprise licensing to bypass Apple’s restrictions. What this means is that, it doesn’t really download a specific application from the App Store, instead it makes copies of that app and downloads it on different devices – using the same License ID.

That is how it is able to dodge Apple’s security and install cracked apps on a non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

KuaiYong works on iOS 6 too!

KuaiYong works on iOS 6 too!

Cracked Apps iOS 6

As I mentioned above that KuaiYong does not need an iOS device to be jailbroken for it to be able to install cracked apps; because of this reason, it works on Apple’s latest firmware, that iOS 6.

Being able to install cracked apps on iOS 6? Well that will surely worry developers who thought shutting down of Installous was a victory for them. It seems more and more Installous alternatives are popping up everyday. Some of these Installous alternatives are Vshare or App VV and AppCake.

What are your thoughts on Kuaiyong?

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7 Comments to Download “Cracked Apps” For Free Without Jailbreaking Using Kuaiyong!

  1. thetinman101

    I do not condone the use of programs that allow you to “pirate” apps from the AppStore, however. speaking for myself, if it had not been for Installous I would have spent a lot less money at the AppStore than I have. I don’t know how many apps I was interested in only to discover that they were dudes or just plain didn’t work. With Installous, I download a “test” copy, if it did what I was looking for, I bought it before I continued to use it, if it didn’t, than I deleted it and moved on. I am pleased to see that there are developers out there still interested in the iDevices. Final word: if you DL the app and it works, pay the 99cents for goodness sakes, it won’t break your bank and it will encourage the continued development of quality apps.

  2. The only time I used Installous was to download iPad (“HD”) versions of apps I already owned or to try them before I handed over my hard-earned cash. The App Store allows developers to make their apps work on both iPhone and iPad, so when they expect me to hand over money for the iPhone version then double that again to have the privilege of a scaled up version, it’s just insulting

  3. My thoughts about KuaiYong?! Well, I USE IT EVERYDAY! This thing is awesome and addictive, thank you creator of KuaiYong, i will give you as much feedback as you wan’t. Piracy Rules! Paying Drools!

  4. I’m not a big fan of piracy. I came here looking for a way to install IPA files through an iPad mini without jailbreak. Also try using tongbu. you do have to fix a crash bug with a computer once, but then tongbu apps will work

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