How To Download Zeusmos For iPhone iPad iPod Touch (Link)

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You might probably be aware of an app that has taken the iOS world by storm recently. Zeusmos is an app developed by a 15 year old which allows you to download paid apps for free on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without a jailbreak. Which basically means Zeusmos allows you to download cracked apps on an iOS device for free without a jailbreak. Well here is how to download Zeusmos for your iOS device.

Zeusmos allows you to download paid apps for free!

Zeusmos allows you to download paid apps for free!

Download Zeusmos

Well most of you might now be interested in downloading this app called Zeusmos. But unfortunately soon after Zeusmos went “viral”, the developer behind this had to remove it. When you visit the official website of Zeusmos, it mentions that the site is undergoing some maintenance. Well behind the scenes, the developer, Kevin Ko had to remove Zeusmos as it was pirating apps which as he mentioned that “it wasn’t what Zeusmos was designed for”.

So basically those of you who had downloaded Zeusmos earlier were in luck but those of you who did not manage to get it, well folks your out of luck. Zeusmos can not be downloaded right now from the official website, can’t say the same thing for the Zeusmos repo on a jailbroken device.

Well there are currently two methods to install Zeusmos for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch unofficially. One is by downloading the Zeusmos repo and the other is by a direct download link.

Download Zeusmos Repo

If you have a jailbroken device then you can simply download Zeusmos for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the Zeusmos repo. To download Zeusmos simply go to Cydia on your iOS device then Manage > Sources. Now tap Edit and add the following source:

Once you have added Zeusmos repo, search for “Zeusmos” and install it.

Zeusmos allows you to download paid apps for free!

Zeusmos allows you to download paid apps for free!

Download Zeusmos Link

As Zeusmos can work on a non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, therefor you can install it on respective iDevices. But as you might be aware that Zeusmos has been shut down just like Installous therefore you can not install it right now. But we have a solution.

Those of you who download Zeusmos before and mistakenly updated to the new version can not install pirated apps, but we now have direct download link to Zeusmos. To install Zeusmos for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch simply download it form the link below.

Download Zeusmos (link removed, will update a new one shortly)

Well if you have any questions simply hit the comment section below.

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18 Comments to How To Download Zeusmos For iPhone iPad iPod Touch (Link)

    • Repo add source
      Add this repository to zeusmos this way
      Settings->repo. database->edit->add repo
      Then add this url

  1. Download Zeusmos link is down. Apparently that account is bringing too much traffic. If that is your account. Please reupload or make a download link to a different site.

  2. Owning an ipad2 jailbroken on 4.3… Managed to download the file from the link, opened in appcake or vshare, the same result: instalation failed.

    Tried to add in cydia the source click add insert link and after the verifying url appears this error appears:

    Did not find repository: the link you are trying bla bla bla..

    So, what can i do?

  3. “Did not Find Repository- the indicated repository could not be found. This could be because you are trying to add a legacy installer repository(these are not supported)……” msg displayed :'( i am having ios6.1.2 latest release JB! on iPhone4.. Please helppp………

  4. puppyjoe69 (@puppyjoe69)

    Please update the link! I need ZeusMos so I can install iTether to my iPhone without a jailbreak!

    • Hi. Buy a Zeusmos certificate on Follow their instructions then add a repo to get cracked ipa apps.
      This is my repo, updated every day

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