Has The Shutting Down Of Installous Been Good or Bad?

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Today is exactly one week since the shutting down of Installous, so let’s take a look at this paste week and see whether the shutting down of Installous has been a good thing or bad thing for developers and the general public.

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First let’s take a look at why Installous was shut down in the first place. Installous which is managed by the Hackulous team announced a week ago that they were shutting down, mentioning many reasons. But one of the main reasons for shutting down Installous was the lack of users. The team mentioned that their forums felt like “ghost towns”.

So why did they actually feel like ghost towns? Well the answer is simple; there is currently no untethered jailbreak for iOS 6+. So millions of users could not use apps like Installous.

Good thing for developers right? Well maybe.

The Good

Installous which was a major contributor to piracy on iOS devices has finally been shut down. The news of shutting down brought much joy to developers around the world who had lost a huge amount of money.

One of the major reasons why people jailbroke their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was just to install Installous or other apps like Installous. So shutting down of Installous has meant that many people around the world can no longer easily install cracked apps on their iOS devices.

As Installous is no longer available, many developers around the world would start working even hard knowing their work work isn’t going to get wasted. Most of these apps cost less than a dollar which isn’t a lot of money.

AppCake is an Installous alternative.

AppCake is an Installous alternative.

The Bad

Shutting down of Installous might be considered a minor victory but it isn’t a complete victory over piracy. In fact since the news broke out, more and more Installous alternatives have popped up.

There were already other apps like Installous before, but the shutting down has made them more public such as Vshare and AppCake. More and more people have started downloading these apps.

The worst part isn’t these Cydia apps (mentioned above), the worst are the new apps that have popped up such as Zeusmos and Kuaiyong. These new apps allow you to download cracked apps for free and that too without jailbreaking your iOS device! These apps now have gone mainstream and have forced Apple to introduce better measures to stop piracy on iOS.

The victory over iOS app piracy has been short lived due to other apps taking the place of Installous. But nonetheless it is a minor victory.

What are your thoughts? Has the shutting down of Installous been good?

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  1. Hi,

    It was Hackulo.us team that developped Appsync for ios 4 and ios5, who will do that for ios 6 ?? I’m really wondering!


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