Your iPhone Will Soon Be Able To Smell & Taste!

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Nowadays smartphones are becoming much like humans. They can now do all those things, which could be done only by humans. Now these smartphone can even see (camera) hear (phone) and feel (gyro/accelerometer). But as always, technology will evolve into something much greater than today. Well the time has come for it. Your iPhone will soon be able to “smell” and “taste”. Find out how below.

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Adamant Technologies, San Francisco based startup has come up with such a technology, which will make your iPhone smell things. You’ll be wondering how is that possible? Well the company created a computer chip, which consists of bunch of numerous tiny sensors. How these sensors work is explained by the CEO of Adamant technologies. He says,

“these sensors can take the sense of smell and taste and digitize them,” explains Sam Khamis, Adamant’s founder and CEO

This really doesn’t mean that your iPhone will be turning into a smell sensor or any such device. This is just to enhance the technology and making your smart devices something unique and allowing them to detect such smells.

Surely this was not an easy task to accomplish because like humans computer can’t detect smells so easily. You can easily guess what’s cooking in the kitchen but computers need time for this critical work.

Iphone senses

Now the question is how this entire setup works? Khamis explained that an average human being has about 400 sensors, so they can easily detect smells. These sensors pick up different chemicals from the air and detect them. But the sensor at Adamant technologies has about 2000 sensors, which is equal to the number of sensors in a dog nose.

Well these chips are now far away from being available, it might take a year or two for the complete manufacturing of these chips. Nowadays the company is working with the legendary venture capitalist Vinod Khosla. According to recent information, the chips are being produced in massive number in a plant, somewhere in Austin, Texas.

The company is also going to launch a device which can be connected to your iPhone and it can be used with all types of apps. The device will be around $100 or less.

This will the first device that will warn you if your breath smells bad.

Khamis once again said:
“Halitosis, or bad breath tracking, is something we’re really interested in,” he laughs. It’s the kind of thing that not even “your best friend will tell you.” The app will not only warn you, but tell you what caused it, he says.

Some other awaited projects will be, a realtime metabolic tracker. This tracker will tell you that how much calories you have burnt at the very moment. Another will be breathalyzer apps, which will detect severe diseases like diabetes.


For this project, Adamant has raised about 2.5 million dollars from Vinod Khosla and might raise up more later this year. This means smartphones can also be used in detecting medical condition in the future, surely this is a big step in terms of Medical as well as technology.

Once these covers for iPhone are released which can detect smell and taste, the technology world soon shift towards a new dimension.


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