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If you are bored at home, thinking what interesting thing to do then this time Maypalo has brought you something epic to turn your boring time into full fun and thrill. This is a new iPhone app called ‘now’ that will update you about all the happening around you just using Instagram. Now lets discover how useful this is and how it works.


 Now is a free iOS app which uses Instagram’s API to sort through photos in real-time, organize those from the same time and place into events, and shows you the events as a feed. Now harnesses the powerful Instagram API to help you discover parties, concerts, and bar nights, and share them, too. This means that the app detects events that are trending right now by analyzing public photos taken by other people around you using Instagram.

Now let’s have a look on the working of this cool app. Now app for your iDevice, uses Instagram’s API to gather maximum pictures taken nearby and then organize then according to their time and location. Following this comes the super users who read the photo captions, choose the best shots, and organize them into categorized and titled events. This makes a complete story that a certain event, lets say a concert is taking placing at a certain New York street.

The events that get most of the like bubbles get on the top of your newsfeed, which means you will be presented with the most popular event around you first. If you want to see only one type of event then you can also filter your Now feed to see only music, art, parties, food, outdoors, or other types of events.

Next comes your sharing experience, which means by either inserting your own photos or by including photos taken there by other people, and share them on the social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter, to let your friends know about your activity and participation in events.

Get the Now app for your iOS running device and turn your boring time into fun.

Download Now app for iOS devices.

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