Top 5 Business Apps for iPad In 2013

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iPad is a perfect device as its used in each and every aspect of life, no matter if you are a kid or famous business tycoon, iPad is always there to provide you the best  company. So this time we bring you the list of Top 5 Business Apps for iPad which will help you in various business deals and other business environments. All you need to do is Download these useful business apps from App Store.

Top 5 Business Apps for iPad.

5. PocketCloud iPad App


PocketCloud is most easiest and fastest way to connect your window desktop or Mac to your iPad, for usage of your  files, photos and other business applications. It is fully loaded app which includes Multi-Line entry with the option of copy/paste, international and custom keyboards-along with short cut and function keys. It also provides you the option of Auto Discovery which enables to access your desktop with minimal setups.

Price: Free

Download PocketCloud iPad app from app store.

 4. OmniFocus iPad App


Organizing things and remembering important events is always a tough task especially in office timings. But now Omnifocus iPad app help you to organize your tasks, builds task lists based on your current location, captures voice notes and much more. Using this fantastic application you can establish your errands by listing them on maps. You will also receive notifications when a task becomes due or you forget about a particular task. Similarly you can break the task into small chunks so you can easily complete the task.

Price: 19.99

Download OmniFocus iPad App from app store.

3. Pageonce iPad app



Are you tired of paying bills and visiting the banks again and again? Now you can work out with all this stuff sitting at home. It is loaded with amazing features such as giving you the ability to control your expenses and can check where you can save your money. You can monitor your account, cash and investment activities, it also allows you to check your account balance and stay updated with all your account details. Pageonce alert reminds you when bills are due therefore avoiding late fees. It is an app which makes banking more easy and convenient.

Price: Free

Download Pageonce iPad App from app store

2. DocuSign iPad App



If you are looking for all in one business app then surely DocuSign is just for you. This iPad app allows you to manage all your documents, files, business stuff and each and everything right from your iPad. With DocuSign, you can send documents for signatures anywhere you want. You can also track the status of your documents and can also sign any documents directly from your iPad. It is highly safe and secure.

Price: Free

Download Docusign iPad app from app store.

1. Quickoffice Pro HD iPad App


Now you can edit, create and share all your Microsoft documents right from your iPad, by just downloading Quick office iPad app (also an iPhone 5 compatible app). It is an essential tool for all those who work on Microsoft, it comes with easy-to-use interface and quick results. It has advanced editing tools for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with an integrated file management solution with convenient access to multiple cloud service providers including Dropbox, Google etc.

Price: 19.99

Download Quickoffice Pro HD iPad app from app store.

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