Top 5 iPhone Apps For Call Recording

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If you want some amazing iPhone apps for Call Recording, so that your iPhone becomes much more useful, than just checkout this list of top 5 iPhone apps for Call Recording and download these apps. These apps help you to establish useful conversation, all you need to do is download these fascinating apps from App Store.

Top 5 iPhone Apps For Call Recording

5. Recorder iPhone App.


Recorder iPhone app is a perfect app for all those who are interested in recording their important work, as this fantastic app allows you to record your important memos, discussions, interviews and ideas directly on your iPhone. This application can also be used as voice recorder or a sound recorder, to record different things for seconds or for hours. Similarly your can record above stuff, at 44.1k high quality, along with the option of Play and pause during playback.


Download  Recorder iPhone App from app store.

 4. Record Phone Calls iPhone App

record call

Record Phone calls iPhone app is an outstanding app which gives you an amazing  system through which you can easily  record the conversations of both sides, without any disturbance in your iPhone. To access this fantastic application, all you need to do is dial local country number, then the system will automatically recognize you, and then it starts recording. At the same time all the recorded material is automatically emailed to you as an MP3 file when the call has ended. The app records up to 45 minutes per call and you can also listen, or download recorded stuff from your email to your Window desktop or to Mac.

Price 9.99

Download Record Phone Calls iPhone App from app store.

3. Call Recorder iPhone App.

call recorder

This is an amazing iPhone app which allows you to record  and save your outgoing telephone call in your iPhones. The  application is desniged to provide you  free installation, free one time credit and a free test call to your answering devices, throuht which you can test the audio quality and the recording process of this brilliant app.

Price :Free

Download Call Recorder iPhone App from app store.

2. iPhone App

mzl.wtlnknwd.320x480-75 is another simplest way to record your phone calls within your iPhones. It is fully loaded application which includes, quick voice notes, an option to record both outgoing and incoming phone calls, and save them for future reference as well. This amazing app can also transcribe your recordings into text, so you can easily share your recording with your friends across the world through Twitter and Facebook. All you need to do is download iPhone app from app store.

Price: Free

Download iPhone app from app store.

1. Phone Tap iPhone App


Get ready to record all your outgoing calls through an amazing app called Phone Tap iPhone app. This is a perfect app through which you can record your calls up to 20 minutes, the app also provides you additional airtime. Similarly you can share your recordings through e-mails, without heavy hardware or other equipments. In short it is a complete app, so there is no need to waste your time just download this app from app store.


Download Phone Tap iPhone App from app store.

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5 Comments to Top 5 iPhone Apps For Call Recording

  1. I have personal experience with all of the apps above; garbage is the only word that comes to mind. Issues have ranged from limitation on call recordings (US only, length limits, etc) to the app not functioning at all (e.g. Save yourself the time and hassle and get TapeACall –

    TapeACall is real simple to use, recording incoming, outgoing, or your current call with just a few clicks. There’s no limit on recording length or on how many calls you can make. Call quality will be that of the call and the recording can be shared via text, web, email, Facebook or Twitter. Definitely the best bang for your buck!

    • I appreciate your help, but any app that needs to do a third link and merge is garbage. This includes this TapeACall.
      Still looking for an APP that serious records that come in and out, no servers !! in mp3 file without other connections etc. automatically.

      • As far as I know, this is not possible in iphone because the operating system prevents recording of calls for legal reasons.

  2. Try “Record King” APP
    It could record phone call (both sides’ voice)
    Work at outcall and incall.

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