What Is Facebook Graph Search And How To Use It

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Previously we used to think that only smartphone companies were interested to have new apps in their stores so that their users could get more fun and entertainment from their smartphones rather than using it in the typical manner. However, now it seems that not only these but even the social networking sites are also trying their best to bring some amazing apps to their users to make their experience extraordinary. One such new thing introduced by Facebook is Facebook Graph Search, that is currently available in beta. Let’s checkout the features and some superb characteristics of this app.


Facebook Graph Search

Graph Search allows a Facebook member to use semantic search to find and aggregate information about people on the Social Network. It keeps you updated that who among your friends has gone for surfing, hiking or something even more fascinating adventures.

One feature of this new app, for which it is being said that this Facebook innovation will be quite popular is that it makes the job of researching targets easier and shows groups of people with similar interests in an organized way. This facilitates the phishers, as they don’t have to go for the killer search engines to find their targets.

Now if we see how it improves Facebook then we can say that Facebook Graph Search provides a new layer of interaction to increase engagement. The features of Facebook Graph Search that makes it something really useful is that it will act as a fully organised way to search the information of 1 trillion connections that Facebook possess. Graph Search also lets Facebook jump into markets dominated by various Internet companies that may not have considered Facebook a competitor. Furthermore, it is also being said that Facebook is entering the thriving market for web search.


But one thing more has to be taken in the consideration that the Facebook is inferring Likes from the sharing of links, and, on top of that, not applying sentiment analysis to determine if those links are being shared for positive reasons, which breaks these expectations.

Graph Search is likely to please investors and boost revenue for Facebook, mostly in terms of increased advertising due to the customization it will be able to offer advertisers, but also in conjunction with its new pay-to-message feature.

Graph Search is being rolled out gradually, and people can apply to join the waiting list to be an early beta tester. So enjoy this new innovation of Facebook for its users.

To enter this Graph Search beta for Facebook simply head over to Facebook’s Graph Search portion here.

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