Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Have 440ppi Putting iPhone’s Retina In The Dust!

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If you are excited for your iPhone 5S then give it a second thought because once again Apple’s biggest contender Samsung is all set to mark the history by introducing Samsung Galaxy S4. You’ll be wondering what’s so good about Samsung Galaxy S4 that you might choose it over iPhone 5S. Here we bring some new details about Samsung Galaxy S4 and some reasons that why it can be better than iPhone 5S.


According to some rumors it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature a 4.99-inch 440ppi Full HD Super AMOLED display. Well, it will be difficult to find all these features in the upcoming iPhone. That’s not it from Samsung, this year Samsung will come up with its best ever display for a smart phone.

DigiTimes, a source of supply chain news, has stated that Samsung is deciding to produce new pixel layouts on their smaller sized AMOLED panels. This will be interesting to see but it is not approved by Samsung and for any further details we have to wait till Samsung Galaxy S4 is officially released, somewhere in April. Although it is not confirmed but rumors about this high-res display are coming to surface and it’s not bad to investigate about it.

Samsung is using a totally different technique to improve its display resolution, by using hexagonal and diamond-shaped pixel layouts, this is because using such shape pixels will increase the area and more pixels can be pack together. The report says that this new layout will help Samsung to stretch smaller pictures up to 44o ppi (pixels per inch) and without destroying the image because there will be no pixel blasting.


Introducing this new layout will surely raise the competition in the tech world because this will be the first time that such high screen resolution is about to be introduced. This high ppi is also beneficial for the customers eyes as an average person can not recognize about ~300ppi and it also depends on the visual accuracy and distance between the image and the viewer.

This will be a huge threat for Apple because iPhone 4 was the first smart phone to come up with Retina display with a 326 ppi LCD screen. Since then, no tech company was able to meet this target (except a few) but now Samsung is once again ready to give Apple a tough competition. It is also difficult to create such a layout because when you make the display larger you’re automatically lowering pixel density. It’s sort of a vicious circle.

iPhone 5S image

This time not only Samsung is ready to stretch the boundaries but as well as Sony’s Xperia Z and HTC’s Droid DNA which both have a staggering 44o ppi.

Simply judging a smartphone by the pixels it’s packing is not a fair judgment. There are other factors involved as well. But considering Apple famously boosts its “retina display”, this sure looks interesting. Maybe its time for Apple to stop using that famous retina display phrase?

(Via techcrunch)

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