Starting January 28 It Would Be Illegal to Unlock iPhone!

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The day is finally closing for you to get your iPhone unlocked. After January 28 (Saturday) it would be illegal for you to get your iPhone unlocked without the prior permission from your carrier. Well check out the details regarding iPhone unlocking below.

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iPhone Unlocking Illegal

We reported back in October 2012 that library of Congress had decided to make some amendments to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). DMCA basically governs most laws relating to hacking/unlocking. So, when Congress decided that they wanted iPhone unlocking to become illegal they gave a deadline of 90 days. Well folks, the deadline is going to be over this coming Saturday, 28 January!

Now you do not need to panic if you haven’t got your iPhone unlocked. The deadline which is going to be over this Saturday will allow users to first ask their carrier to get their iPhone unlocked. You can basically call up your operator and talk about getting your iPhone unlocked. If you have any iPhone which has completed its contract period then you are illegible to get it unlocked. Those of you with AT&T can head over here and fill out the unlock form.

Now the new DMCA law does not completely bind you. You would still be able to get your iPhone unlocked after the deadline albeit through not-so-legal-ways.

Those of you who have recently bought an iPhone 5 from Verizon or AT&T should not be worried as they are unlocked right out of the box. If you haven’t bought one but were thinking to get one you can simply buy an unlocked one directly through the Apple Store without the contract period.

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Although after this coming Saturday it would be illegal to unlock iPhone, but all isn’t lost. DMCA rule mostly affects the citizens of the United States therefore if you are in another country you can still get your iPhone unlocked legally.

Secondly, even after the deadline you will still be able to get iPhone unlocked but the process wouldn’t be completely legal. We here at Maypalo will show you methods to get iPhone unlocked even after the deadline. So stay tuned.

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