Reveal Passwords On iPhone, iPod Touch iPad Using Revelation (Cydia Tweak)

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If you have various online account and you forget their saved passwords or jumble them up then Revelation is the right thing for you. Revelation jailbreak app helps you to reveal your masked passwords on whichever browser you are using, whether it be Safari, Chrome, or others. Not only this but it also helps you when you forget your saved Gmail account password on iOS. Lets see how Revelation Cydia tweak benefits you.


Reveal Passwords

Revelation is a jailbreak tweak that will allow you to turn your hidden ‘star’ password into clear words that you can read easily. Also it reveals your saved password in case you forget it. Though some people might take it as security violation but it is something worth using as the last option to get to or to reset your password.

When you type your password in the password bar, keeping the revelation on, then you will be able to see  unmasks hidden passwords in standard HTML password fields. Moreover, the next amazing feature of the tweak is that when you go to the saved password then rather receiving a masked hidden password you will be presented with the standard written password.

Revelation works perfectly in all browsers such as Safari, Chrome etc. Furthermore, even on your Gmail account on iOS you can enjoy this feature but when it’s about iCloud, Facebook or Twitter then the app is restricted, which means that password will appear in the hidden masked form not in standard HTML password fields.

Now in order to activate this app on your iOS device you have to simply turn the toggle switch to the On position, and restart any of the apps or reload any of the web pages containing the passwords that you’d like to display. Similarly, doing the inverse will cause the feature to be disabled.

No doubt this jailbreak tweak is quite useful but in terms of security it allows anyone to simply change the settings to on and access all your passwords easily. Rather it would have been better to have a simple Pass-code on the Settings app preference pane.

If you think the security risk is worth risking for this convenience then you can buy Revelation Cydia app on Big Boss repository for only $1.99.

So will you be getting Revelation Cydia tweak?

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  1. ✋Andreas

    Hello.i bought your product just because I can t recall my password in email of yahoo hoping that after installing it I would be able to see the password instead of stars *******
    Any suggestion or help.
    I have tried to recover it from yahoo with no result.

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