Want To Unlock Your iPhone? Get Ready To Pay $500,000!

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Just a few days back Maypalo updated you about the most excruciating news for all those who wanted to unlock their iPhones, that after January 28 (Saturday) it would be illegal for you to get your iPhone unlocked without the prior permission from your carrier and yes it happened.


So you think it’s the worst that could have happened? If yes then you are mistaken because here comes the worst. If you break this new unlocking law then the penalty that will be charged on you will be a fine of up to $500,000, 5 years in jail, or both. That’s unfortunately true, half a million dollars for unlocking your own phone!

The advisory notice from the Library of Congress clearly says,


The law particularly points towards the Section 1204 of Public Law 105-304, according to which if a person is found to violates the law willingly and especially for the purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain then he will be subjected to the above mentioned terms and penalties.

But wait, before you get a tiny heart attack after reading the laws and penalties for unlocking your iPhone, we would like to tell you that there are few exceptions. And, these are that you can directly buy an unlocked iPhone from Apple or the carrier. Moreover, you can also go for Verizon iPhone 5 as it is factory unlocked right out of the box.

So, in the end the carriers won the battle, as now they have to no longer buy subsidized smartphones for their users, who after buying them unlock them and use them on different carriers. And the third-party lost the battle who used to unlock smartphones on high prices.

Whats your reaction on this law and especially its huge penalty?

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3 Comments to Want To Unlock Your iPhone? Get Ready To Pay $500,000!

  1. Can i still Factory unlock my iphone 4 which I had bought 1.5 years back(unlock from a third party source)??

  2. should have the right to do anything i want to my phone after I BOUGHT IT.the phone is not theres after you pay for it

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