Top 5 iPhone Apps for Biology Students In 2013

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iPhone is not just a source of fun and entertainment; it is also a valuable device for all the people belonging to various occupations, it is useful in each and every aspect of life, no matter if you are student or a business man, it automatically help you in your professional life. So, if you’re a biology major and want to become a doctor in your life, here are some apps that will help you achieve that. Check out the top 5 iPhone apps for biology students in 2013.

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Bio Students

5. Heart Pro III iPhone App


This is the perfect app for doctors and heart specialist as it allows, them to see the various areas of heart in animated form, so they can easily find out about ailments and injuries. Heart Rate Pro III application contains 19 free animations, 2 types of Quiz, 62 images defining elements of the heart and much more. It also provides you the option of Public Notes, Mix layers and Graphical Hints through which you can adjust animated figure according to  your choice. Similarly you can zoom picture by just tapping on the screen.

Price: 2.99

Download Heart Pro III iPhone App from app store.

4. Pocket Lab Values iPhone App


Pocket Lab Values is another useful app from the App Store. It is a great app for all medical providers during their training and  practice sessions, as it contains thousands of information related to medicine, differential diagnoses, relevant websites and critical lab values. In the medical fields sometimes the data may vary from hospital to hospital but using this brilliant app you can the edit particular data to match with exact institution. You can also write and save notes for you to view later for your reference through Pocket Lab values iPhone app.

Price: 2.99

Download Pocket lab Values iPhone App from app store.

3. 3D Brain iPhone App.


It is an amazing iPhone app related with brain and its various parts. The application provides you information about every single part of the brain along with its functions.Using your iPhone touch screen you can easily zoom and rotate around 29 interactive structure. You can also search for case studies, structure, functions, disorders, brain damage and much more through this useful app. All you need to download this wonderful app from the link below..

Price: Free

Download 3D Brain iPhone App from app store.

2. UpToDate iPhone App.

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If you are looking for an app which provides you all the answers, of various question related to biology, then download UpToDate iPhone app from App Store. The application is fully loaded with countless features. The most advanced features of this fantastic app are easy search along with auto complete option, bookmarks and history and Mobile-optimized calculators. Using this app you can also email topics and graphics to you patients and colleagues. All you need to download this fascinating app as it is free of cost.

Price: Free

Download Up ToDate iPhone App from app store.

1. Epocrates iPhone App.


The best iPhone app for biology students in this list is Epocrates. It includes wide range of OTC drugs
, generic and brand of various drugs, along with countless national and regional healthcare insurance policies for drugs coverage information. Using this application you will able to check for potentially harmful drugs and drugs interactions for particular time period. You can also upgrade this app for alternative disease information, medications, lab guides and clinical tools. All you need to download this amazing app which is free of cost!
Price: Free

Download Epocrates iPhone App from app store.

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