“Bang With Friends” Sex App Soon On iPhone!

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Expansion is not limited to tech companies but is now becoming a measure feature of the app developers, as the “Bang With Friends” sex app has announced to now expand from Facebook to iPhone. This app is known for anonymously hooking users up with their Facebook friends. Here comes the details.


Speaking to Mashable, Bang With Friend’s creators made the announcement that the sex app will now be hitting iPhone soon. But no specific date has been provided up til now about its arrival.

When we talk about this completely different app then we get to that the Bang With Friends sex app gathered much attention from the media as well as from the users. Initially there were some very few people getting fascinated from the app but now the statistics have touched such great heights that they claim to register five new users, or “bangers,” every minute.

Bang With Friends”mostly attracts the young users and in order to join it, they sign in with Facebook, and are taken to a page that features names and photos of their friend who too are ready for a “hooking up”. But the entire process is completely discreet and private. When the two parties are ready they receive an email about their mutual interest.

At the moment, the Bang With Friends sex app is popular among the heterosexual users. This is because the list of potential lovers includes mostly the members of the opposite sex. However, now it’s getting familiar among the homosexual users too, who usually do not list their gender on Facebook.

So what are your views about the arrival of Bang With Friends sex app?

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