iPhone 5 vs Blackberry Z10: Which One Is The Best?

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Before the tech analyst could finally claim that there are only two major companies, Apple and Samsung, ruling the smartphone market, Blackberry made its entry and brought the fact to the surface that the fight is still on. The former Research in Motion or the current Blackberry announced on Wednesday the arrival of its new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, which is going to be the come-back of the company.

z10 vs i5

Blackberry Z10 Vs iPhone 5

But the game is not simpler as it seems to be, as the rivals are already equipped with some of the extra ordinary weapons such as iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 and the users have already devoted their interest to their smartphones. Thus in these severe circumstances, it is going to be a huge challenge for the company to resume its previous graph of success. However, we are here to help you, therefore if you are confused whether to go for this new Blackberry Z10 beauty or stay with your recent iPhone 5, then let us provide you an undoubted comparison between iPhone 5 and Blackberry Z10.


So let’s begin with the design of this new arrival, BlackBerry Z10. The BlackBerry Z10 is a full touchscreen phone with a 1280 x 768 4.2-inch display. It’s the first BlackBerry smartphone with LTE and will be available in both black and white. Most importantly, BlackBerry has an iconic design, but that iconic design has always included a physical keyboard taking up the front half of the phone. Whereas, when focusing on the display of the phone we see that the Z10’s display is covered by a sheet of edge-to-edge glass and set into a solid, single frame that extends the length of the phone.

Whereas iPhone 5 stands 123.8mm tall to allow for the larger 4-inch screen. It has a 16:9 1136 x 640 display opting to lengthen the device instead of increasing its area in both dimensions. Also the two-toned back plate is a nice touch too and distinguish it from its predecessors. In short, from the oleophobic glass face and the smooth aluminum back to the matte metal bezel with polished, smooth and shiny edges, everything about the new iPhone screams high-end. The pieces align perfectly, the lines are well and elegant, the buttons do not wobble, and there are no rattles or creaks whatsoever. The iPhone 5 is truly amazing considering where Apple’s rivals at in terms of materials and build quality.

Operating System

Blackberry 10 logo

After having a look on the hardware now let’s checkout the soul, that is the operating system of the phone. The BB 10 sees the implementation of a whole new user interface doing away with the familiar BlackBerry system we’re all used to. BB10 has merged home screens, widgets, app lists and a unified inbox into one slick interface, offering up an easy-to-navigate user experience. It is going to be company’s leading OS for the next 10 years which automatically makes it special.

While, iPhone 5 is also nothing less, as the smart phone is running company’s most recent and highly advanced operating system. Apple recently released iOS 6.1 which brings bug fixes and a whole lot of improvement. You can read more about Apple’s latest firmware by heading over to our home page.

We will cover Blackberry 10’s operating system in a more detailed post shortly.


Camera is a special feature of the phone to which we always give some special importance. The BlackBerry Z10 has an 8 megapixel camera on the back with autofocus and LED flash that is capable of shooting 1080p video, while there’s a 2 megapixel camera on the front that shoots video at 720p.

On the other hand comes iPhone 5’s camera, which is an 8 megapixel camera. More importantly, it’s crazy fast. The camera app in on the iPhone 5 launches much faster, and when it does open up, the iPhone 5 is a rapid-fire wonder that let’s you snap photos nearly as fast as an average guy can tap the screen or push a volume button to take the shot.

Storage And Battery

The BlackBerry Z10 has an 1800mAh battery, dubbed the LS1, which means that you won’t have to put a chair with the charger to get your phone charged. Whereas, the BlackBerry Z10 ships with 2GB of RAM and there’s 16 GB of built-in storage too. Furthermore, memory is expandable to up to 32 GB through micro SD, though we formatted a 64 GB card in the Z10 and it was working fine. It provides you 305 hours standby, 10 hours talk time (3G)

When all other features of the phone are just up to the mark so is the battery and the of the phone. iPhone 5 provides you a total talk time of  225 hours standby, 8 hours talk time (3G). Whereas the memory of the phone is available in wider range, from 16Gb, to 32GB to finally 64 GB.


Finally comes that part of the device that mostly makes the customer ready to whether chose or reject the phone that is the price. The upcoming Blackberry Z10 will cost you $199, which is the estimated price. On the other hand the price of the iPhone 5 is $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB and its the actual one.

Both of the smartphones are loaded with mind-blowing features but at the end of the day you, the users are the final judges to decide which smart phone is worth buying.

So what do you think iPhone 5 or Blackberry Z10?

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