Seven Million iOS Devices Jailbroken In the First Four Days!

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Evasion the first untether jailbreak for iOS 6 through iOS 6.1 has become the most popular jailbreaking tool in the history of iOS devices. Seven million iOS devices have been jailbroken during the first four days after the release of evasion jailbreak!

Seven million iOS devices jailbroken

Seven million iOS devices jailbroken

Evasion untethered jailbreak tool was released on 4th February and within 10 minutes evasion was downloaded more than 100,000 times making it the fast downloaded hacking software of all time. But the crazy numbers doesn’t just stop there, evasion untethered jailbreak was downloaded 1.7 million times in the first 24 hours!

Today we have the numbers regarding how many devices were jailbroken. Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia today told Forbes some interesting numbers regarding evasion jailbreak. He mentions evasion brought “insanely new traffic” to Cydia and seven million iOS devices were jailbroken in the first four days.

Check out some crazy numbers below regarding evasion untethered jailbreak:

  • 1.7 million downloads in the first 24 hours.
  • Seven million iOS devices jailbroken during the first four days.
  • 5.15 million iPhones jailbroken.
  • 1.35 million iPads jailbroken.
  • 400,000 iPod touch jailbroken.
  • It took 136 days for hackers to jailbreak iOS 6.1.
  • Five distinct bugs were used to jailbreak iOS 6.1.

Well as you can see from the numbers above, evasion jailbreak tool has brought a new life into iOS devices, about seven million iOS devices to be exact. By the end of this month this number is expected to increase manifolds.

Well what are your thoughts on evasion untethered jailbreak? Let us know in the comment section below.

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