Team Evaders Say They Have More Bugs For Future Jailbreaks!

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Evasion proved to be the a big hit, as the stats showed that 5 million “unique visitors” visited evasi0n jailbreak website and 40 million page views were received! But the release was a shock to Apple company as now the company is scrambling to fix the security flaws exploited by evasi0n, the latest jailbreak tool. But that is not it, as the evaders claim to have many more bugs to be exploited.

The team evaders revealed their success by saying that more than a month ago they already had the full capabilities to exploit all of the  security restrictions on iOS 6.1 devices. But they chose not to reveal the exploits at that time because they were considered more valuable the ones currently being used in evasion jailbreak. The bugs used on evasion jailbreak are basically a “backup bugs”. So lets see the story behind this jailbreak tool.

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Team evaders wanted to replace all “key bugs” for “small ones” but due to difficulty of creating a chained jailbreak, it was not possible. Therefor they had to use some key bug exploits which had been saved for future releases.

After enjoying the release by evasion if you are wondering what else could be coming from them then, Wang a.k.a Planetbeing, one of the evaders said that after getting their hands on one or two more bugs they will be able to even crack the next version of iOS. But for now the jailbreak tool did a great job and exploited at least five distinct bugs in iOS. But Charlie Miller, one of the world’s best iPhone hackers gave a contradicting statement that this might be the last jailbreak released publicly and he listed the reasons too, which included the decrease in demand and scarcity of remaining bugs in Apple’s code.

But to this we can connect Wang’s saying that there is no way for the bugs to run out any time and the reason he presented is that jailbreakers are now not using only the high-impact, critical bugs in Apple’s software rather are now moving towards the chaining together of small, minor-seeming bugs that only become effective in combination.

Now it does not mean that we are definitely going to get a jailbreak for future iOS firmware, there are numerous factors that put a halt to their jailbreaking career and one is the temptation of money. This is because a single iPhone exploit can sell to law enforcement and intelligence agencies for as much as $250,000 on the grey market. And the second reason is that Apple hires these hackers which are bound not to create jailbreaking tools such as the hacker Comex.

What are your thoughts on the future of jailbreaking?

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