Top 10 Cydia Repositories To Download In 2013

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If you think you are an expert Jailbreaker then surely you’ll know all the best repositories for the best Cydia tweaks for your iPhone/iPad. Well if this is a tough question for you so don’t worry because here we bring you another interesting list of Top 10 Cydia Repositories to Download in 2013. This is going to be helpful for not those who have been using iDevices from a long time but it will be also beneficial for all the new comers. So take a look and decide which repositories are suitable for you:

Best Cydia Repositories To Download

Disclaimer: Maypalo does not support piracy, all the information regarding the “top 10 Cydia repositories to download in 2013” are for informational purpose only. If you have any concerns regarding this post then please contact us.

10. Repo


Some of you might not be aware of it because this is not a very well-known repository and it also don’t offer tons of Cydia Tweaks but the iOS tweak available on are worth watching. One of the most famous tweak is the AirBlue Sharing, This is a tweak which allows you to transfer files among your iDevices and other OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS devices. Some other Cydia tweaks available on are BTServiceManager, iBluever, iTether, Siri0us.

9.iHackstore Repo


If you are looking for an all in one repository, so there is no need to look further because IHACKSTORE is the right place to visit. This repository provides you with all types of apps, tweaks, themes, ringtones, mods, cheats, hacks and much more.  Some of the best Cydia Tweaks you can find on iHackStore are Graviboard, App Switcher, Cydialer, Notifier+, CallLock, Auto3G, CameraWallpaper, ChatPic. You can also find tons of free Cydia tweaks and other interesting packages right from IHACKSTORE.

8. ModMyi Repo


As the name says, this repository is ideal for modifying your iDevices. You can enjoy plenty of packages and some fun stuff on this repository. There are tons of Cydia tweaks, themes, free tweaks, soundboards, ringtones, wallpapers and much more. You can also experience some cracked tweaks as well, with some other free packages. And if you got any problem, regarding any Cydia Tweak you can consult any of the members in the community of the repository. There are about 700,000 members from which you can consult for any query.



Here is another well-known repository for your iDevices named as ACKYOURIPHONE. Although the name says that it is only for iPhone but you can find any of your favorite tweak here and can also find some amazing stuff like apps, tweaks, ringtones, themes, mods, IPA files, DLCs (downloadable content). The best thing about it is that the developers of this repository keep updating it with new Tweaks releasing each day. It is an all in one repository, which you need for updating your iDevices.

6. Bite Your Apple Repo


This is an Italian repository but don’t worry you can also use it and can download some great Cydia tweaks. But your Apple is a very famous repository and it keeps you updated from every new Cydia releases. Like others it also offers you tons of free and paid Cydia tweaks with hundreds of other packages. Some of its best tweaks are Infiniboard, Infinifolders, Graviboard, GravityLockScreen,Dreamboard .



If are looking for themes, HD winterboard, apps, tweaks, utilities, settings and various hacks, so this is a thing which you should not miss. iHacksrepo is an all in one repository which provides you the best Cydia Tweaks and much more. ihacksrepo offers you themes to ringtones, from Cydia layouts to GUIs for SBSettings and much more. So, hurry up and the download all your favorite tweaks as soon as possible with this all in one repository.

4. Repo


Check out another famous repository for all the best and new Cydia tweaks coming out there. This is a great repository for all those who want to try out paid Cydia tweaks for free, before they can purchase it. This repository also provide you with tons of free, paid, new and all kind of Tweaks you are looking for. You can find not only tweaks but also wallpapers and other cool stuff too.

( repo has been shut down)



Well, a scary name but a useful well-known repository for providing cracked applications to users free of cost, what else you need? Like others it also provides you some of the best Cydia tweaks, themes, ringtones and etc. You can also check it out for any other iDevice queries .Multifl0w, PkgBackup, Springtomize 2, Zephyr etc are some of its best Cydia Tweaks.

2. xSellize Repo


xSellize is another popular name in the world of repository because it is also an all in one repository. Like others you can download a large number of Cydia tweaks, wallpapers and other things but the special thing about it is that you can host a huge assortment of emulators and ROM packs for game systems such as Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, NES, and many others. So if you are a true gamer then surely this repository will help you.

1. Insanelyi Repo


The best repo in the list of top 10 best repos to download in 2013 is non other than Insanelyi. This is a repository which gives you the freedom of customizing your iDevices according to your wish. This repository offers you more than 6,500 packages and which are increasing on the daily basis. There are also over 60+ scripts which are most written by Insanelyi members. You can also enjoy few Apple TV Cydia tweaks, which are quite rare these days. Due to its incredible features it is now considered as the best repository for downloading Cydia Tweaks.

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