Top 5 Free Cydia Tweaks To Download For iPhone 5

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It is always fun to use Cydia tweaks as they are easy and less time-consuming, no doubt there are thousands of tweaks added in the Cydia store, but it is difficult to find out which one is best for your iPhone 5. So now, here we bring you the list of top 5 free Cydia Tweaks to download for iPhone 5, through which you can be able to make your iPhone 5 more interesting. All you need to do is to download these fascinating free Cydia tweaks for your iPhone 5. 

Top 5 Cydia tweaks  to download for iPhone 5

5. AnyRing Cydia tweak


Amazing Tweaks through which you can record your own voice to make Ringtones and SMS Rings. The application  allows you to choose any of your favorite songs or you can easily  select the starting/ending point in the song to play  as your Ringtone, as it does not need any of audio conversion file. It is a fully loaded tweak with countless features such as, fast and easy interface, Enable/Disable Vibration for Ringtone and much more. You can also transfer thousands of your ringtones over Bluetooth and similarly it plays final Ringtone from the application itself.

Price: Free

Download AnyRing Cydia Tweak from BigBoss Repo

4. Graviboard Cydia Tweak

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It is time to amaze your friends and family members through fantastic tweak called Graviboard Cydia Tweak. This amazing Tweak gives gravity to your home screen, so you can easily give the effect, which shows icons will fall up or down. This fun containing Tweak allows you to drag and fling icons, through your finger. And you can also change the force of gravity to attain negative gravity as well. So there is no need to waste your time just download this brilliant Tweak from BiggBoss Repo.

Price :Free

Download Graviboard Cydia Tweak from BigBoss Repo.

3. Double @ Cydia Tweak



This is one of the most useful apps and especially for those who are more connected with their emails and have to check their mailbox frequently. It is also useful when you use the web and when you are asked for your email ID frequently on various sites.We all know this is a quite frustrating task to enter  your email every time you want to sign in but double @ helps you to get rid of this problem in such a way that whenever your email is asked just double tap the @ key and your email will be inserted. First you have to insert the email in the setting option and after then whenever you need your email it will automatically insert it.

Price: Free

Download Double @ Cydia Tweak From BigBoss Repo. 

2. Fatboy LockScreen  Cydia Tweak


The best Tweak for all those people who are quite busy and don’t have enough time to unlock their iPhone 5. Fatboy a CydiaTweak which will surely help them. As it is a fully touch  lock widget for your iPhone 5. All you will need to install “Lock Clock Hide” via Cydia to hide the default clock on your iPhone. So it is the right time to download this fascinating tweak for best security results.

Price: Free

Download Fatboy LockScreen  Cydia Tweak From BigBoss Repo. 

1. Picnic Cydia Tweak

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Picnic is the best free theme available in the Cydia Store. It consists of such great icons that you will surely fall in love with them. There are more than 120 different  icons, from which you can choose your favorite ones. For each icon there are plenty of apps and they all are of different looks and indicate your icons perfectly. Picnic also allows you to add another grid of icons to your home page, so this is the only Tweak which gives the best look and an additional grid too, to your iPhone.

Price: Free

Download Picnic Cydia Tweak From BigBoss repo.

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