More Than 100 People Working On Apple’s iWatch: Bloomberg

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It seems that Apple’s iWatch is going to be a reality after all. More than 100 people are currently working on Apple’s first wearable computer according to a new report today from Bloomberg.

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Apple iWatch

A new report today coming out of Bloomberg mentions that Apple is currently working on a wrist watch called the iWatch and currently more than 100 product designers are working on it.

The new iWatch from Apple which is expected to be released this year will be able to handle tasks that currently iPhone and iPad can do.

If this iWatch turns out to be true then it will not just open a new chapter in Apple’s history but in the overall wearable computer history. Apple in the past has worked on devices which measure activity and other sports related information but those devices never saw the light of the day. But iWatch is going to be different. The number of people working on Apple’s iWatch are increasing every week according to people familiar with the matter and iWatch has come out of the experimentation phase.

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Previously the New York Times also reported on iWatch, it mentioned that Apple is currently developing a smart watch which will be the first wearable computer from Apple. Another report from a Chinese newspaper mentioned that Apple’s iWatch will feature a 1.5 inch OLED screen and will have Bluetooth.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s iWatch?

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