Disable Notification Center In Specific Apps Using DisableNC+

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Cydia is full of amazing little tweaks that are very handy sometimes, and one of these tweaks is called DisableNC+. What this Cydia tweak allows you to do is give you the ability to disable Notification Center in specific apps, which you can imagine is very useful.

Disable Notification Center on iOS 6.x.x

Disable Notification Center on iOS 6.x.x

Disable Notification Center iOS 6

DisableNC+ as the name suggests allows you to disable the Notification Center in specific apps. If you are an avid gamer on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then this little handy tweaks is very useful.

If you are playing any game that requires you to continuously swipe across the screen, such as Fruit Ninja, then sometimes you accidentally open up the Notification Center – which can be quite annoying. Well, to stop this annoyance, you can download DisableNC+ and disable the Notification Center in apps.

If you had an iOS device jailbroken on iOS 5.x.x firmware then you would recognize this Cydia tweak to be a similar to DisableNC Switch. Basically this tweak works the same as the previous one, except, DisableNC+ now supports iOS 6 and higher firmware and with greater functions.

Toggle the switch to disable Notification Center

Toggle the switch to disable Notification Center

Those of you who are interested in this tweak can download DisableNC+ from the BigBoss repo for $1.00.

This tweaks is integrated with application list so that you can choose specific applications to disable Notification Center pull-down function. Easier, Faster and Intuitive.

Go ahead and download DisableNC+ and let us know how it goes.

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