AssistantEnhancer – The Best Siri Cydia Tweak On iOS 6+

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No doubt Siri is a complete package in itself but whenever we get a chance to interact with it through an app, we only get to discover some of its features. But today, finally Maypalo has found something extremely amazing for its viewers to discover Siri to the fullest. It’s the AssistantEnhancer, a cydia tweak that will help you to make the maximum out of the Siri. Just have a brief look through its features and we assure you that you will definitely fall in love with the app forever.


Assistant Enhancer Cydia Tweak

Now what Siri will be doing here? Actually it will be everything you want the Siri feature to do for you, as it will search Amazon, find local events, search the App Store, and play Pandora sounds and much more. I know you are getting excited so let’s began to discover the features of this superb Cydia tweak.

Starting with the most prominent feature of the app, that is it acts as a music controller from Spotify, Grooveshark and Pandora. And, the best part is that from two of your favorite playlists, you can ask Siri to play a particular song for you and it will process you command and start the song. Whereas, through Pandora you can make stations of your favorite artists while Grooveshark access allows you play one of that service’s plethora of songs. So this means that you can actually access three music hubs through your voice command.


Now if it is enough for you to go for AssistantEnhancer Cydia tweak, well it’s just the beginning and there is much more to be discovered as yet. We are done with the music through your smart phone, but what about the live concerts? Yes you can even get all the information about all the upcoming concerts near your place through this app. All you have to do is to ask Siri to update you about the concerts in the coming time and it will directly take you to the official page of that concert from where you can buy tickets and much more.

Other features of the AssistantEnhancer app include the Urban Dictionary, Google Images, Amazon and also access to the App Store through your voice. This means, you simply ask for the app such as “search for Temple Run 2 on the App Store” then it will directly take you to the App Store for that app. Moreover, AssistantEnchancer tweak can also tell you where have you parked your car. So if you are having a bad memory about your car parking then this app will definitely be helping you.


When you are getting such a lot of things from a single app then it is quite fair to have some faults in it. So this Cydia app has just a tiny flaw that when you give it a command it takes some time to process it, and the screen goes blank for a short time. This delay can be annoying for you but for so many features under a single Cydia tweak, you can ignore this delay.

You can download AssistantEnhancer cydia app from BigBoss repository for only $1.99.

Do let us know how did you find this app for you.

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  1. This tweak is very buggy. After uninstalling this tweak, cannot launch any apps except Apple’s core apps. All others result in Siri saying “It doesn’t look like you have an app named Stitcher”

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