How To Download AppSync On iOS 6.1.2 For iPhone, iPad iPod Touch!

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Previously, users used to download Installous from Hackulous repo, to which they automatically got access to AppSync but now the case is not the same. This is because Hackulous has just shut down Installous including its essential element such as AppSync. But here we bring you a quick and easy guide that will help you to download AppSync on iOS 6.1.2.

Download AppSync iOS 6.1.2

Maypalo has already helped its users with a guide that was about how to download AppSync on iOS 6/6.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And now comes an upgrade in the guide for the users of iOS 6.1.2. You all are already aware of the usefulness of the app and therefore, in order to get it, follow the instructions below.


Steps To Download AppSync On iOS 6.1.2

Disclaimer: Maypalo does not support piracy and this article is for informational purpose only, download all applications legally through the App Store.

Step 1: First you will need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in order to download AppSync for iOS 6.1.2. To do that, simply download evasion 1.5 from this link.

Step 2: Once done with jailbreaking part, go to Cydia > Manage > Sources. Tap on the add new button and insert the following repo url:

Step 3: Now just wait for Cydia to download the AppSync repo that you have inserted.

Step 4:  After completing this tap on the search option in Cydia and type “AppSync”.

Step 5: Amongst the options provided in this look for and tap on “AppSync for iOS 6.0+”.

Step 6: Now install AppSync for iOS 6.1.2 and wait for it to complete.

Step 7: Once done with the installing part, respring your iOS device.

So finally you are done with the installation of AppSync on iOS 6.1.2. Now you can enjoy all the features AppSync brings into your iPhone, iPad or the iPod touch.

We hope this guide was helpful to you, but if you faced any problems, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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4 Comments to How To Download AppSync On iOS 6.1.2 For iPhone, iPad iPod Touch!

  1. I did all the steps but I can only see the appsync for 6.1.1 / 6.1/6.0. not for 6.1.2. When I download nothing happens.

  2. II have installed the same exact version of appsync and it installed like a breeze. But the issue is when i try to sync by itunes with the ipad mini (running on ios 6.1.2) , i am not able to install any app into the mini. It gives an error on the computer running itunes for sync.

  3. JASMEET, use iTools instead of iTunes… it will work like a charm 🙂

    Ryan LUMAYAS: installous is dead, search for Appcake on google, or Vshare, or Appadict. All are installous like, Appadict is good, also Appcacke, but Vshare is a bit slower 🙂

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