MYO Armband – A Gadget That Let’s You Control Everything (Video)

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After smartphones and various devices, some other very unique, handy and interesting gadgets are coming up. With each passing day the size is reducing but the efficiency is increasing. What if, your iDevices are operated by the movement of your arm? This sounds very interesting, but if your still confused about what this new thing is, checkout all details right here:


In our previous few post we have been telling you about some handy and portable devices which are on stack, like iWatch and Google glass. But this time something more different is about to come. Thalmic Labs, a well-known tech company, is about to introduce a new sci-fi method of operating your iDevices and Windows devices, this gesture is known as MYO armband. As the name says, all you need to do is just wrap it around your arm and your all set to operate your devices without any wire or even by touching them.

MYO basically uses the combination of muscle movements and the motion censors. Every time you move your arm, point a finger or do any other movement of your arm, the MYO wrapped around your arm, will automatically transfer that movement into a gesture based on the muscles used and this transformation is known as Kinect Style.


Some of its most prominent features are; an ARM processor and rechargeable batteries for MYO’s power and most importantly a low-power Bluetooth. It is not only limited for operating laptops only but you can even fly quadrocopters with it. Just give a shake to your fingers and control the voice of your iDevices and you can even project entire presentations with it and the best thing about MYO is that you don’t need any camera to record your gestures, just give a shake and there you go,the task accomplished.

Recently Google has launched ,The Pixel, which is quite similar to the MYO concept. It has a built-in glass trackpad, which allow you to operate it without any touch so that you’ll get a relief from the arm pain for operating a device for a prolonged time. So this means again a new competition in handy devices.

The pre-orders for MYO has already started and the price for this incredible MYO armband is $149. The MYO armbands are expected in late 2013, this means you have to wait till it comes up.

If you have and query regarding MYO, so you can checkout this video below:

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