Top 3 Free Cydia Tweaks To Animate Wallpaper On iOS 6+

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You might have seen many interesting wallpapers for iOS 6, you might like most of them but sometimes you want to animate them according to your will. So finally, we bring for you a brand new list of top 3 free Cydia tweaks to animate wallpapers on iOS 6. If you want to get animated wallpapers on iOS 6 then waste no time and check the list below.

Cydia Tweaks For Animating Wallpapers

3. Live Paper Cydia Tweak

LivePapers -01

As the name says, this is a Cydia tweak which allows you to add beautiful live wallpapers. This is a newly released app (which we reviewed sometime ago), which has interesting wallpapers such as Nexus, Bubbles and moon. All you need to do is just go to Cydia store and install this, LivePaper Cydia tweak. A new icon will appear on your home-screen, from where you can simply get these animated wallpapers. You can have these live wallpapers on your home-screen as well as on your lock screen too. This is really an interesting app that can make your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch much more interesting

Price: free

Download Live Paper Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo.

2. Go Desk Moonlight Pond Cydia Tweak

go desk moonlight pond

If you love nature and its creatures and are looking for a wallpaper which can portray the actual beauty of a pond, then here it is. A Cydia tweak called Go desk Moonlight, is a live wallpaper for your iOS device. The tweak provide you a variety of scenes like dragon flies flying in the sky or even frogs, hoping from place to place. This a very easy and fun to use tweak which makes your iDevice more refreshing.

Price: Free

Download Go Desk Moonlight pond cydia tweak from Bigboss repo.

1. Typo 5 Cydia Tweak

typo 5

This is one of the Cydia tweak for your iPhone’s lock screen. This is a tweak which displays the time, date and other basic details on your lockscreen in a very simple and clear way. The best part comes when you slide to unlock the screen, the entire screen wraps up and gives a real 3D effect. This is yet another fun-filled Cydia tweak, which can completely change the look of your iPhone.

Price: Free

Download Typo 5 Cydia tweak from PatrickMuff repo. (

UPDATE: There was a mistake regarding Typo 5 downloading repo. We have made the corrections.

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4 Comments to Top 3 Free Cydia Tweaks To Animate Wallpaper On iOS 6+

  1. what are u posting ?? this typo5 isn’t give the theme as picture you have provided and it is not from bigboss repo. please post the correct information.

  2. The author is wrong – the pictured lockscreen at #3 is Typophone.

    There is a Typo 5 lockscreen, which is really nice too, but it’s on another repo and looks differently.

    BOTH of these also require Winterboard to be installed and both require that you manually remove the iOS lockscreen clock – “LockScreen Settings” or something else from Cydia will do the job.

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