Top 5 Lock Screen Cydia Tweaks For iPhone on iOS 6+

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Cydia Tweaks are always fun to use but at the same time they are quite useful as well. So if you have got your iPhone that is running on iOS 6 or higher then surely you will be looking for some amazing Cydia tweaks in Cydia store. Well no need to look further because here we bring you a brand new list of top 5 Cydia tweaks for lock screen for iPhone on iOS 6+.

Best Cydia Lock Screens 2013

5. Android Lock XT Cydia Tweakindex


Although the name is quite difficult but this Cydia tweak is very beneficial for the security of your iDevices. Android Lock XT is amongst those tweaks which will provide Android lockscreen protection to your iPhone. Those of you who have tinkered with an Android device would be very familiar with this, also those of you who have been jailbreaking their iOS device for quite sometime would know about Android Lock XT Cydia tweak. It is basically gives your iPhone’s lock screen an Android look.

Price 1.49

Download Android Lock XT Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo

4. Gravity LockScreen Cydia Tweak


Gravity lockScreen is another great reason why you should jailbreak your iOS device. In short if you are being bored from old default lock screen and looking for something new,then Gravity lockScreen is the best option for you. Gravity Lock screen Cydia tweaks brings physics to your iPhone. Once installed your iPhone lock screen will completely change. Turn on the iPhone and your lock screen will fall as if gravity is acting on it. The screen bounces giving it a cool effect.


Download Gravity LockScreen Cydia Tweak From Big Boss Repo

3. Evad3rs LS Cydia Tweak


Evad3rs LS is another great Cydia lock screen tweak for the iPhone on iOS 6. The tweak is much easier and simpler to use, as it contains a light background along with the symbols of Android and Apple. As the name suggests this tweak is for those users who have jailbroken their iOS device using evasion untethered jailbreak.

This tweak works as a wallpaper and as well as lock screen of your device. The best part of this tweak is free of cost. So all you need to download this fantastic tweak to give your iPhone a different look.

Price: Free

Download Evad3rs LS Cydia Tweak from Bigg Boss Repo

2. LS Vignetti Cydia Tweak


LS Vignetti is an other amazing tweak which provides simple, clear and classy look to your iPhone. This tweak contains up-to-date weather and clock widget at the center of your iPhone.

LS Vignetti is a great Cydia tweak for the lock screen and personally this is my favorite Cydia lock screen tweak. You get a small “swipe to unlock” feature that works either by sliding or simply tapping on the arrow which points downwards. This is a free tweak for the iPhone so you might want to try it out.

Price: free

Download Ls Vignetti Cydia Tweak From Bigg Boss Repo

1. MiLock Cydia Tweak


Get ready to download one of the most innovated lock screen tweaks for your iPhone on iOS 6 or higher called MiLock. The tweak is designed in a manner, through which you can easily enter your Zip Code directly from your lockScreen. Using this tweak you can add clock and weather widget to the locksreen of your iPhone, and at the same you can add a little toggle on and off button so that it will provide movable effects to widgets. For this motion effect all you need to do is select option of lock/unlock from the settings menu. So no need to waste your time just download this amazing tweak, which surely provides fascinating look to your iPhone

Price 2.99

Download MiLock Cydia Tweak from Bigg Boss repo

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