4.5 Inch Cheap iPhone To Be Launched In 2014!

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For a small period of time it was observed that the rumors or the news for the cheaper iPhone came to a rest but the series is on again, as new claims about the cheaper iPhone have come to the surface. These reports throw further light on the features, design, price and the release date of the phone. Let’s checkout what these rumors are that are revealed by the Japanese blog Macotakara. 

cheaper iPhone 4S

Cheap iPhone

The leaked feature of the cheaper iPhone that has to be mentioned before is the body of the iPhone that is said to be made of cheap polycarbonate plastic. Now you must be thinking a smartphone with a plastic body? Well it’s not the first time, as before this, Nokia Lumia also presented its magnificent features in the poly carbonate body. And therefore, this is also expected from the fruit company to give an amazing feel to this plastic body, by transforming the polycarbonate to a smartphone.

Following this comes the screen of the phone, which is also claimed to be an improved or enhanced one. Unlike the iPhones that are being supplied by the company in the market at the present time, the cheaper iPhone is expected to have a larger 4.5” display – that is even larger than the 4” screen of the current iPhone 5!

Why will Apple introduce a larger display in the cheaper iPhone? This is because in the larger iPhone the company can use larger but cheaper components and also it won’t be necessary for the company to use a battery of high power.

Previously, it was reported that this cheaper iPhone will hit the stores in the second half of this year but as per the newly received report, it is being said that the phone will be revealed to the users not in this year but in the upcoming year – 2014.

cheap iPhone

Now comes the most important part of the cheaper iPhone, that is its price. This is because this is the price of the iPhone that will decide it features, size, display, design and everything else. The reports say that this cheaper iPhone will have a price of $330. Though this will be decided by the customers whether the iPhone is cheap or not but one thing is quite clear that Apple has designed this iPhone to get hold on its customers of developing countries.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the cheaper iPhone!

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