5 Year Old Spends $2500 In 10 Minutes On In-App Purchasing

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You might have recently spent some money on in-app purchasing such as buying a new car in Real Racing 3 but I bet you thought a lot before spending some dollars for the in-app coins or other gifts. Now imagine spending $2500 in 15 minutes in in-app purchasing for a single game and that too by a five-year old kid! Details below.

This five-year-old kid spent $2500 in in-app purchasing!

This five-year-old kid spent $2500 in in-app purchasing!

$2500 In-App Purchasing

Imagine; you wake up one morning, check your email only to see multiple emails from iTunes telling you that $2500 had been spent on in-app purchasing on an iPad game called Zombie vs Ninja! That would freak many people out. This is exactly what happened to a five-year old parents when they found out their kid had spent so much money on a single game.

Greg and Sharon, a couple from UK found out that their kid, Danny – 5, had spent $2500 in buying various items from an iOS game called Zombies vs Ninja.

Now you might be wondering how did this happen. Well Danny asked his mom to enter the password on their iPad for a game which was free. Sharon thought nothing of it, as it was a free game, only to found out later that this little kid spent a mind-boggling $2500 for a free game.

Here are a list of items Danny purchased for Zombies vs Ninja game:

Danny had bought tons of in-game weapons and keys on the iPad 3 including 12 purchases of ’333 keys’ at £69.99 a time and seven ’333 ecstasy bombs’ at £69.99. He also bought five lots of “9000 darts” each costing £69.99, five lots of ’4200 darts’ at £5.49 each and additional ecstasy bombs totaling £3.22.

Check out the video below regarding this event.

Now you might this is the parent’s fault as they left their kid unsupervised, well the parents mentioned that there were some guests in the house, therefore they could not check what Danny was doing on the iPad.

Luckily for them, Apple has decided that they will reimburse the amount spent on this game.

What are your thoughts on this? Should we supervise what our kids are doing on tablets and smartphones?

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