This Is The First Car Driven Entirely By An iPad (Video)

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It seems like, some of the world’s best tech companies are now more interested in other gadgets rather than smartphones. This is because after the MYO armband, with which you can control your iDevices, now it’s time to use your iPad to control something much bigger. Now with your iPad you can even drive your car! By the cooperation of Oxford University and Nissan cars, you can control your car with an iPad. Check below for more details on this self-driving car by an iPad.

Portrait and documentary photographer,  John Cairns, based in Oxford UK.

Self-driving Nissan iPad Car

If you own an iPad and want to drive your car, so it’s not a big because the Robotic technology department of Oxford university is about to generate a technology of auto-driver, with which, you can drive your car by simply commanding your iPad.

If you were thinking that this Nissan self-driving car will work only using expensive navigation devices in which GPS is being used for finding directions, well you are wrong. It will be operated by a low-cost navigation system, that will examine the surrounding by small cameras and lasers, these lasers and camera will be connected to the internal system of this electric car.

You might have heard about the Google’s self-driving car, which is completely based on computer and no human touch is required. Unlike it, the Nissan car will allow you to select the driving mode on the iPad, like auto-driver. But if you suddenly press the brake the car will be shifted back on the manual mode. This means that this car will be self-driven but can also be operated with a human touch.

Professor Paul Newman of Oxford University’s Department of Engineering Science, said that this car is basically based on the terms of mathematics: probability and estimation. As mentioned earlier it is a low-cost navigation car so it will be affordable for every customer who wants to experience a drive without a driver. He also said that one should not only focus on cars that are completely driven by robots but we should think about cars which can be auto-drive, and can also be driven manually. Not only this electric car, but Oxford University had also planned for cars that can park by themselves and change according to the road conditions.

Portrait and documentary photographer,  John Cairns, based in Oxford UK.

Most of us think that the best way for navigation is GPS, but the team working on this car doesn’t agree with it. According to them, GPS fails in providing some important information like coverage, precision, and reliability. Neither it can provide safety nor it can keep an eye on the surrounding, therefore a low-cost navigation system has been developed.

When working with Apple, there is no doubt about the 3D maps because the Oxford team said that this idea became possible because of the advance 3D mappings, which are the main cause for an affordable robotic car. All the information of the respective areas will be already entered into them, therefore you just have to order and your car is all set to go.

Before it hits the market, the car is in the testing process and some important things like understanding traffic rules, and it being capable of making decisions at its own have to be implemented. Which means that we have to wait for a long time before it appears in the market.

The estimated price of the prototype (system used to drive the car) of this project is about £5,000, but don’t worry, because the main objective of the team is to reduce this price and lower it to an affordable £100.

Well, this will be a worth-waiting project because some of the world’s best companies and organizations like Oxford University, Nissan, Apple and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) are working together.

What are your thoughts on this self-driving car by an iPad?

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