Top 5 Battery Saving Tweaks For iPhone In 2013

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iPhone is an ideal device for searching and exploring things. But sometimes this searching is not possible due to lack of battery shortage. So, if your iPhone is jailbroken, then surely you are looking for same amazing battery saving tweaks. Hence, Checkout this list of Top 5 battery saving tweaks for your iPhone in 2013. which will definitely help you to, customize the battery of your iPhone according to your wish.

Battery Saving Tweaks For iPhone

5. BatteryPeek Cydia tweak


BatteryPeek Cydia tweak is shows exact battery life of your phone within your screen, in the form of percentage meter. Sometimes it is not possible for you to check it in every second, then the battery percentage automatically appears in status bar, in order to inform you. For the performance of this tweak, all you need to install a plugin for Activator, through which you can easily change the battery setting according to your wish

Price: Free

Download BatteryPeek Cydia tweak from BigBoss repo

4. 360 Battery Saver Pro Cydia Tweak

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This tweak is for all those people who are quite busy and don’t have enough time to charge their iPhones. 360 Battery Saver Pro is a Cydia tweak which will surely help them. The tweak work as professional battery manager of your iPhone, along with three ower saving themes. This tweak contains plenty of useful information regarding the battery maintenance, and at the same time guides you about the remaining battery of your iPhone. Shut down the running background apps , 8 switch to shut off powering consuming functions and detailed charging logs related to your iPhone, are also included in this brilliant tweak .

Price : Free

Download 360 Battery Saver Pro Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo.

3. iControl Cydia Tweak

iControl iPhone

If you are an active iPhone user, you must be aware of battery shortage in iPhone, due to its great apps and feature which does not make it possible for you to keep your hand off from it. But now here we bring you an amazing tweak known as iControl which surely help you to maximize the battery life of your iPhone. The tweak is designed in a manner, that it automatically manages WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, and 2G radio to increase the battery life of your iPhone. iControl in background also extends battery life by allowing you to designate apps that iControl should kill after you lock your phone.

Price: 4.99

Download iControl Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo.

2. Auto3G Cydia Tweak

Battery saving tweak

Every iPhone user goes through their day wondering how on earth can I extend my iPhone battery life. Well wonder no more, Auto 3G is here to the rescue. This is a fantastic tweak which automatically turnoff all the applications when you lock your phone, to extend battery life. This tweak also switches off the 3G while you have been connected to your WiFi connection. Auto3G in a brilliant tweak,so all you need to download this useful tweak from BigBoss repo.


Download Auto3G Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo.

1. BattSaver Cydia Tweak

BattSaver iPhone tweak

Get ready to double the battery life of your iPhone, through an amazing tweak known as BattSaver. The ultimate tweak, automatically turns off your unused application, in order  to save the battery of your iPhone. This is the only Cydia tweak which increases the battery life of your iPhone up to 2 times, by detecting number of charge cycles. It also provides you the option to view your battery state in real-time to prevent battery lossage. So this the right time to download this fantastic tweak for more battery storage.

Price :2.99

Download BattSaver Cydia Tweak From BigBoss repo

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