Here Is How iPhone 6 Might Look Like (Pictures)

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After portable and handy devices, it’s time to get back to one of the most important topic and that is iPhone 6. It has now become a tradition of Apple that before releasing any product, rumors spread faster than the gadgets. From a quite long time, various rumors about iPhone 6 were coming up to the surface and if we sum up all these rumors, we can come up with a totally mind-blowing picture. Well if you have ever wondered how a large iPhone might look like – well look no further. Here are some pictures on how iPhone 6 might look like.


iPhone 6 Pictures

In our previous few posts we informed you about some important features of the upcoming iPhone, like the fingerprint sensor and much more. But there is much more to come. As you all know that Apple might release a cheaper iPhone and the body of this cheaper iPhone will be made from polycarbonate. It is also expected that this cheaper iPhone will be available in variety of colors.

On one side Apple is all set to reveal another sensational iPhone but on the other side Samsung is also ready to beat Apple with its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 4. It seems like the Galaxy series is getting extremely popular and because of Apple might bring out a larger 4.8 inch iPhone!

iPhone 5s

If you have any doubt that Samsung might win the race, so take a break because the recently revealed details about iPhone 6 might put Galaxy S IV into dust. It is expected that the upcoming iPhone will be much slimmer than current one. The display screen will be almost more than 4.6-inches and will be very sleek and light. The iPhone’s button, might not appear this time because the screen is well-stretched and fits the body perfectly. iPhone 6
As you can see from the pictures (concept), that iPhone 6 will much thinner than iPhone 5 and it’s quite obvious that it will bigger compared to it. But as mentioned earlier, these rumors might turn false and a totally different thing can be experienced in the form of iPhone 6.

Well what are your thoughts on this iPhone 6 concept? Let us know in the comment section below.

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