Apple Will Launch iPhone 5S In June With Fingerprint Biometric Security!

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Get ready to decide, which smartphone you are about to have this year? If your answer is Samsung Galaxy SIV, then give it a second thought because after knowing about these new features of iPhone 5S, you are really going to change your mind. Like always, the rumors and predictions about the release date of iPhone 5S are also coming up to the surface and it seems like the dynamic phone can be soon available in the market.

iPhone 6

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Security

In the beginning of this year there were several rumors about the upcoming iPhone and the king of rumors Ming-Chi Kuo, stated the list of expected Apple products this year. There is no doubt that  Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the most trusted reporter and his rumors always turn out to be true. So this time he has revealed another big feature about iPhone 5S.

The first feature he stated about, is the up coming A7 processor, which will be much faster and efficient than the previous one. Another thing that has been improved is the camera and a new Smart flash technology will be introduced. In our previous posts, we informed you about the brand new  fingerprint Biometric security, which will be the star feature of iPhone 5S and it will be located somewhere under the home button. Ming-Chi Kuo also confirmed this feature, so you don’t have to worry about the security of the iPhone 5S.


Another big news that was confirmed by Ming-Chi Kuo was about the cheaper iPhone. He stated that iPhone 5S will be accompanied by a cheaper iPhone, which will be available in a variety of colors.

The other big news is that Kuo has also predicted the month in which the iOS 7 and the cheaper iPhonee will be released. According to him, these new products will be available in this June! This means that only after two months the iPhone 5S will be revealed, if this turns true, surely Kuo will be accepted as the king of rumors.

Cheaper iPhone 5

Like many other tellers Kuo also stated some features of the cheaper iPhone. He said it would be thin and slimmer phone made up of a hybrid casing of fiberglass and plastic but will be heavier than the iPhone 5S.

It’s possible that all these rumors might turn true but the launch of iPhone 5S right after two months, seems a bit confusing but when it comes to Apple, anything is possible, at anytime.

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