Intelligence Agencies Paying Up To $500,000 For iPhone Jailbreak!

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Apple never succeeded in making healthy relationships with the hackers, because they always wanted to install “unofficial” software such as Cydia onto their iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, which Apple always opposed it. But maybe this relation might not face any clash in future because it might face a complete end, not because they are going away, but because a complete new kind of hacking is going to surface. This time from the from the intelligence agencies.

iPhone hacking military

Military iPhone Hacking

Before actually discussing how this relationship between ‘normal iPhone hackers’ and Apple might end, let’s first see what is the exact link that connects hackers and the developers (Apple). The hacker exploits the bugs in the iOS and by introducing a jailbreak method, they actually provide a guide to install Cydia or other unsigned apps on iOS devices. Following this; Apple updates iOS and neutralizes the changes produced by the jailbreakers.

This recently happened when team Evaders released evasion jailbreak in the beginning of February, but soon Apple claimed to be working on beta that would kill evasion. Although, team Evad3rs  still say they have more bugs for future jailbreaks but Apple can still fix most of the exploits used in iOS jailbreak.

Apple’s severe concern about the jailbreaking shows that people can use these bugs to build sophisticated malware for the purposes of surveillance and industrial espionage, and obviously this can cause a disastrous harm to the company’s image.

CIA iPhone

Now why were saying an end of this relationship. This is because these bugs in iOS, called zero days, that are exploited by the jailbreaker are now getting very precious. You won’t believe this, but the “current price” of iOS zero days is $500,000. Simply selling an iPhone jailbreak bugs to military or other intelligence agencies gets more profitable than releasing it for free to the general public.

This malware market will cause many hackers to jump ship and sell these zero day exploits to different intelligence agencies around the world, making them huge money. So as you can imagine we would have less public iPhone jailbreaks in the future, and some have even gone as far as saying that Evasion jailbreak might just be the last public jailbreak ever!

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