Top 10 iPhone Apps For Dating in 2013

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Get ready to make your dates more beautiful and memorable through your iPhone, because here we bring you a brand new list of top 10 iPhone apps for dating in 2013 which will surely help you in making your day adorable and unforgettable, with these amazing apps. So, all you need to do is to download these fascinating apps from App Store, for more fun and enjoyment. 

Best Dating Apps iPhone

This list is not in any chronological order. Each app has its own importance and you can download all of these apps for an amazing dating experience.

10. OkCupid iPhone App


OkCupid is one of the best apps for dating in App Store. This app allows you to meet and chat with different people, across the world, to make potential or compatible matches for a better life partner. The application contains various options of rating profiles and broadcast your date suggestion, to make your dates more fun containing. Using this app you can also find answers to thousands of questions, regarding the best life companion.

Price: Free

Download OkCupid iPhone App from App Store.

9. Celebrity Girl iPhone  App


This app is only for girls, who want to look like celebrity of their dreams and their dates. With this app you can customize your looks by shopping in more than 200 hottest shops in the town, buy purses, dresses, accessories and much more.  After shopping you can date your love one in malls, visit different cafes and spend a splendid time with them. You can also enter into the FAME contest and show off your outfits to real players and can have a great fun.

Price: Free

Download Celebrity Girl iPhone App From App Store.

8. Zoosk iPhone App


Zoosk is a very popular dating app available for the iPhone. It is the best dating social networking site on Earth, and the highest rated dating app available. This app allows you to send and receive thousands of messages and winks to share special moments of your life, along with your friends and family members across the world. Using this application you can easily find people and can start a conversations, for free of cost, which will surely help you to find best life partner for yourself. You can also create a various profiles, to use Zoosk Messenger for text and video chats.

Price :  Free

Download Zoosk iPhone App From App Store

7. Helpful Romantic iPhone App    

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As the name says, Helpful Romantic app allows you to design the best date plans for your loved ones, as it includes millions of ideas, gifts and holiday guides for you. It’s the largest database of ideas that helps you to excite, enhance, and introduce lots of fun and love into your relationship. It also contains more than 110 Romantic Ideas that shows you various romantic profile that matches the best ideas with a person’s unique traits, similarly it provides you a calendar through which you can save a calendar of special dates that have defined your relationship.

Price: 0.99

Download Helpful Romantic iPhone App from apps store.

6. Hairstyle iPhone App

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If you want to look more beautiful and also want to experience some amazing new hairstyles on your date, then Hairstyle iPhone app is a perfect match for you. As it provides more than 330 fabulous hairstyles with all your occasions. It includes party, wedding, business, casual etc, which makes you look glamorous. This application also contains 50 different hair color options for every style according to the length of your hair. You can also receive a risk free hairstyle information and important tips. So there is no need to waste your time in beauty salons just download this fascinating app from App Store.

Price: 2.99

Download Hairstyle iPhone App from app store. 

5. Blendr iPhone App.


Blendr is one of the best app which allows you to chat, flirt and meet different people around you. The application uses your iPhones location services to connect you, with more than 150 million users nearby you, to whom you can  share your hobbies and interests, in order to find them as your best life partner. This app also allows you to make separate list of favorites’ by customizing your photos and other important facts about you. You can easily check, who has visited your profile, through this app.

Price Free

Download Blendr iPhone App from App Store.

4. CharmHim iPhone App


If you are looking for the man of your dreams then CharmHim is the best match for you. As this app gives you thousands of advises to attract smart people towards you. You can also be able to learn about romance through this amazing app. The applications also give you countless tips regarding your dating plans, online dating, social circles, relationships, exercises, and much more. In short it is a perfect app for all those people who are looking for best life partners.

Price :0.99

Download CharHim iPhone App from App Store

3. Top Girl iPhone App


Shopping, dating hot boys, being a supermodel etc is what you dream of? Than Top girl iPhone app is just perfect for you. Through this you can get glamorous looks with 600+ shoes, dresses and purses. Moreover, you can even go for hangouts with 250 plus boy of your choice, to more than 20 tremendous clubs and parties. So get ready girls, now your iPhone is enough  to make you feel what you want to be.

Price: Free

Download top Girl iPhone App from App Store

2. Lets Date iPhone App


Let’s Date is one of the best Apps in the list of top 10 iPhone apps for dating in 2013. The app gives you a chance to interact with different people, and ask them for a date. The app is free of cost, so all you need to do ist to open an account, by using your Facebook ID, browse other Dater Cards, Click “Let’s Date” on the Dater and you are allowed to go for a date, with your loved ones. Using this application you can have more than 50 friends and can log in to your account at least once a year. So download this fantastic app from app store.

Price: Free

Download Lets Date iPhone App from App Store.

1. Crazy Blind Date iPhone App



Get ready to experience one of the greatest and fastest way of dating through this brilliant app called Crazy Blind Date. For the working of this app all you need to inform the app, when and where you’d like to go for a date, then automatically they connect you, with lots of singles within your phone. The app also provides full privacy regarding your date and date plans, so all you need to do is to download this app, and enjoy some new experiences of dates.

Price: Free

Download Crazy Blind Date iPhone App from App Store.

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