Here Is How To Unlock iPhone On iOS 6.1.2 (Guide)

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We currently do have an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.2, which means we can now unlock iPhone on Apple’s latest firmware. Those of you who want to unlock iPhone on iOS 6.1.2 should follow this guide to get their iPhone unlocked. So check out the easy step-by-step guide below.

iPhone 4 unlock baseband tickets

Unlock iPhone iOS 6.1.2

In this guide we will show you how to get your iPhone unlocked on iOS 6.1.2. But do note that this guide to unlock iPhone is applicable on all iOS firmwares, so those of you who are not on iOS 6.1.2 can still use this method to get your iPhone unlocked.

This method uses SAM unlock activation tickets.

Important Notes:

  • This guide will work on all iOS firmware from iOS 6 – iOS 6.1.2.
  • If you are going to upgrade please make sure you preserve your baseband using Snowbreeze 2.9.11.
  • This guide will only work if you have saved SAM activation tickets.
  • Only use the SIM card that was FIRST USED when you backed up your activation tickets. This is very important and many people fail to realize this which makes this guide useless for them.
  • If you do not understand this method then I suggest you to wait until the iPhone Dev team updates redsnow to untether jailbreak iOS 6 which will make the process automatic. Until then you can use this manual method.
  • This guide does not depend on baseband, so any iPhone with any baseband can be unlocked (except iPhone 5).


  • Saved unlock activation tickets.
  • Dropbox.
  • Original SIM card which was first used when saving SAM unlock activation tickets.


  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S

SAM iPhone Unlock Guide

STEP 1: Insert your SIM card that was used to for SAM unlock activation method.

STEP 2: Download iFile from Cydia and head over to /var/root/Library.

STEP 3: Tap the edit button on the right hand corner and select Lockdown folder.

Lockdown folder via iFile.

STEP 4: Now create a backup using the zip button and delete the lockdown folder.

STEP 5: Now we need those unlock activation tickets you saved. Open Dropbox where you saved the backed up Lockdown folder with the valid activation ticket (Zipped file).

STEP 6: Now unzip this folder with iFile by using Unarchiver

STEP 7: Now you simply need to copy the Lockdown folder. To do that simply tap Edit on the right hand corner and tap clipboard icon and copy it.

STEP 8:  Head over to /var/root/Library then tap Edit > tap on clipboard icon then select paste > done.

STEP 9:  Any SAMPrefs file installed on you iPhone 4/4S should be deleted. To check if you have deleted them head over to /User/Library/Preferences and search for SAM and delete the com.bingner.sam.plist file.

Step 10: Now simply turn off your iPhone and wait a few minutes and turn it back on again.

That should get your iPhone on iOS 6.1.2 unlocked and up and running.

Some people can’t seem to get their iPhone unlocked using the above method. So for those people who want a different method compared to the one above, should try the alternative method to get their iPhone unlocked on iOS 6.1.2, as suggested by one of our readers.

iPhone factory unlock

Alternative Method To Unlock iPhone

This method is almost same as the one mentioned above, only with a few changes. Those people who failed to unlock their iPhone using the above SAM method can try this new tutorial to get their iPhone unlocked.

Well check out the procedure to unlock iPhone on iOS 6.1.2 below.

Do note that this method can be used on all iOS firmwares and any baseband, as well as any iPhone except the iPhone 5.

STEP 1: Update to 6.1.2 with snowbreeze.

STEP 2: When first booted download SAM ( and openSSH.

SAM repo

STEP 3: SSH into your phone and place the SAM activation ticket files into the lockdown folder.

STEP 4: Reboot.

STEP 5: Go into SAM -> info -Spoof sim to SAM.

STEP 6: SAM – utils – Activate phone.

STEP 7: To get your push messages working, disable push in SAM- Utils.

STEP 8: Then set at Method “By country and Carrier”.

STEP 9: Set your provider details at Country – Carrier – SIM ID and Activate in utils menu.

That is it folks. You should now have your iPhone unlocked on iOS 6.1.2. As always if you have any question regarding this guide then comment below so we can get to you and help you out.

Did this guide work for you?

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27 Comments to Here Is How To Unlock iPhone On iOS 6.1.2 (Guide)

  1. Irfan abazi

    I have iphone 4 ios 6.1.2 unlocked with saved activation will this work to fix imessage and notification?

    • Activations tickets were initially saved if you had unlocked it before when SAM was initially launched. You can check them in your dropbox if you have saved them there.

  2. i got iphone4.. with ios 6.1.2 baseband 04.12.05 can i unlock with 2nd method… i haven’t got activation ticket..!!

  3. How can one perform the procedures above if the iPhone is at the activation screen? I cannot even jailbreak it using evasi0n tool since the phone needs to be activated first. I don’t have the original carrier sim, only got the sim with the saved activation tickets.

      • Sometimes when phone is rebooted it shows a big iOS on the screen and ask for activation, one or 2 more reboots corrects the problem.

        It seems the phone cannot read the lockdown folder sometimes, this never happened to me before when I was still at 5.1.1 jailbroken by redsn0w, too bad up to now redsn0w is still not updated to support 6.1.2

  4. Hi, when i reboot my iphone, stuck on apple Logo !

    i try ifile, openssh, itools… always stuck en apple after reboot 🙁

    please heeelp !

    • I think it’s going into recovery mood. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and give it a fresh restore and then try it again. That might help.

  5. ok this is question. then i buy my iphone 4 it was locket to AT&T then i unlocked my phone using sam, i saved activation ticket and i have it till now, now im using my “carrier 2” but if i would update to 6.1.2, and want to unlock my phone again, for using my “carirrier 2” would i need my old AT&T sim card?i have activation whay i need old AT&T card?

  6. carrier 1= “iphone was locket to AT&T then i buy it”
    carrier 2= “new sim card “Omnitel” i unlock using activasion ticket and have till now”

    so i will update to 6.1.2 and preserve bb, then i can unlock my phone using activasion, but question is do i need “carrier 1” sim card?

    i need answers i will need “carrier 1” sim card or no?

  7. Hi FARHAN,

    I have an iPhone 4, IOS 6.1 (easy to upgrde to 6.1.2), BB : 04.12.05. The iPhone is locked to Orange RO (Romania). I have a sim card from Orange RO, so I can use it. BUT, I need to use with other Carrier SIM. Can I jailbreak an then unlock it using any methods ? (if I have the a sim card from the carrier the phone was locked to ? )

    Many thanks,

  8. I wish to correct the above guide. I tried on my iphone 4. As long as you use snowbreeze 2.8.11 to create the custom ipsw and use this to restore using iTunes there is no need to go through the SAM procedure. As long as the preserved baseband procedure when creating the custom ipsw using snowbreeze 2.9.11 is done it will work after the restoration with custom ipsw. Mine works fine.

  9. Billy Butler (@jesterthejedi)

    I used SAM to deactivate my iphone 5 on ios 6.12, and then used the reset network settings and restarted while connected to itunes. i was waiting on t-mobile as they had emailed me saying it was ready to be unlocked. This was a quick easy was to deactivate the iphone 5 and keep ios 6.12 jailbroken and unlocked.

  10. i have iphone 4 with ios 6.1.2 . its jailbroken. when i installed SAM, it reboot and give me activation screen. i can do nothing. how to solve this problem.pls help me. my phone is locked….

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