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There are tons of themes available in Cydia store these days but only few can fulfill your demands. A full-fledged amazing theme for the iPhone. Well we have a new theme that will surely give your iPhone a completely revamped look. Pleekly is a new Winterboard theme that will make your iPhone look stunning, with new features such as weather and calendar. More details about Pleekly below.


The first thing that grabs your attention about this theme, is it’s amazing styling. Although it is not that classy but it simply gives you that WOW feeling. The lock screen consist of slide to unlock interface and the time. But as you swipe to the left a green background appear that display the name of the city on the screen in big and clears fonts, while the weather is displayed by various pictures. For example; if it is raining, you can see rain falling from clouds or if it is sunny than enjoy a brighter sun. It not only displays the weather conditions but it also tells you the current temperature of your region. The time is displayed at the top of the screen with a ticker below it..

If you think that this is it then you are probably wrong because this is a theme with many other hidden surprises. As you swipe the screen twice to the left, you can see the number of other details like the temperature of different areas, the predicted temperature for the upcoming week, the day’s highs and lows, the current status, and a visual representation of that status and all this is accompanied by a 8-bit stunning wallpaper.


Don’t forget to swipe it to the right, because one you swipe right you can see a calendar from where you can directly set your events and other tasks. But if you are not satisfied with it, you can also customize the left peek, so it depends on you how you want to organize the theme. For any further changes you can open iFile folder and customize it according to your desire.

Before installing this Pleekly tweak make sure you also install some additional tweaks like “Clock Hide” so you can hide the native clock from the lock screen.

Right now, Pleekly is not available in the Cydia store (not in any repo), not sure why is this but you can download it by going to the developer’s website (currently down, will upload as soon as it is up).

Although it is a great tweak but installing it for beginners might be a problem as you have to download the zip file and install it to your iPhone. I suggest you wait until it is available in the Cydia Store.

Let us know what you think of this Peekly tweak by leaving your comments below.

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