Operate Siri Directly Using Your Brain! (Video)

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Siri is one of that feature of iOS that makes it unique compared to all others. Its introduction to the tech world was already a never-before experience for people and is still appreciated a lot. But with time Apple is trying to upgrade this feature even more but before Apple does that, we have something that is going to leave you truly amazed. You will soon be able to operate Siri using your brainwaves! Yes it is true. Check out the video below.

Siri brainwaves

Siri Brainwaves Video

The senior iOS architect Duane Cash, at Honda R&D Americas brought an entirely new concept to the tech world, that he used his mind to simply control Siri feature. This device uses brainwaves to control the iPhone which has a custom Siri API on it. The device has been designed to detect or sense the EEG signals sent by the brain so that the feature could act likewise.

It’s not something easy to quickly understand the logic behind this amazing technique but one thing is sure that this upgraded Siri is a blur image of our future, where without even making a single action we will be able to make our jobs done. And that is through the waves that are generated by your brain that direct the device in what way to be operated.

As shown in the video, Duane, through his brainwaves controls the device and asks the Siri to open and close the menu and searches the map. The brainwaves which control the iPhone, exclusively detects the commands that he sends to it and work on them to bring out the result.

Although it is not something that we will be enjoying in few months but it’s just the beginning or we call it the first step into the future. There is mush more to be done, in order to make it workable in our daily lives. But it also makes us even more exciting that there is some amazing technology waiting for us in the future.

What are your thoughts about this future of Siri?

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