Samsung Confirms A Smart Watch To Take On Apple’s iWatch!

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No doubt, nowadays tech companies are focusing more on the smartphones then anything else, but there is another department of expected gadgets for the year 2013 and that are smart watches. When talking about smart watches, Apple is on the top for this hot topic because there are a lot of rumors about the fruit company launching the iWatch this year. But now we have figured it out that Apple is not the only company focusing on smart watches, as Samsung has been confirmed in this race too!

samsung smartwatch

Samsung Smart Watch

Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile, revealed an astonishing news about Samsung’s future plans. He said that Samsung is working on a smart watch. He said this while giving an interview in Seoul. He discussed some of the upcoming Samsung’s plans, in which the smart watch was the first choice.

We all are quite familiar to the reason, for which Samsung is working on such a smart watch and that is the upcoming Apple’s iWatch. The competition between these two tech companies is nothing new. The big reason to worry for Samsung is that Apple is putting a lot of efforts on its iWatch, there are about 100 designers working on this smart watch for Apple.

On the other hand, Samsung is also trying to take over Apple and therefore is showing interest in wearable gadgets. But Samsung has not yet said anything about the features and the release of this smart watch. The Korean company has too much to show this year, it is expected that Samsung will release two more smart phones this year.

iWatch 2 concept -01

When it comes to the economic position of these companies, both of them are facing some problems. Apple’s sales growth last quarter was the slowest in more than two years, and in January Samsung faced a low demand. But still Samsung is on lead on the basis of global smart phone unit shipments with 29% of shipments units, while Apple is only on 21%. Therefore Lee said “The issue here is who will first commercialize it so consumers can use it meaningfully,”.

According to some sources Apple will release the iWatch later this year. It is expected that the iWatch will include some features like a Bluetooth 4.0 and OLED Display. Moreover, in order to make these features a part of the iWatch, Apple and Intel are reported to be working together. This will surely be an extraordinary and all-in-one gadget. Consumers are desperately waiting for the iWatch and are expecting very much from it.

Correct pricing for such products are also very important. It is said that the price for Samsung‘s smart watch will be under $200 and about one-quarter of existing users of Samsung, will be surely interested in this new thing. But what if Apple lowers down the price for its smart watch? Definitely consumers will get more attracted to it and if this happens Samsung will have a tough time to beat Apple.

An analysts said “The race is on to redesign the mobile phone into something that you wear”, well to get the final result we have to wait and watch for the upcoming smart watch.


(Via Bloomberg)

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6 Comments to Samsung Confirms A Smart Watch To Take On Apple’s iWatch!

  1. Samsung – copy-paste company.
    Whatever Apple starts to create, Samsung doing the same.

    Samsung’s slogan:
    Why think? We can copy! 🙂

      • You think they do better, because they launch their devices after Apple launch theirs.
        I think Samsung better produce house electronic equipment (TVs, Stereos, Refrigerators), but not Cell phones.
        This is my point.

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