Method Discovered To Hack iPhone On iOS 6.1.3

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For the last few months, it was observed that there were too many issues about the lock screen vulnerability of iDevices, which allows anyone to have access to your personal data of the user. But now Apple finally released iOS 6.1.3, that claimed to fix the previous lock screen security issues. However, even for this newly released improved software, reports are being received that this is again no safe enough to secure your personal information.


Hack iPhone iOS 6.1.3

It was reported that a new Lock-screen vulnerability has been discovered in iOS 6.1.3. It all starts by bypassing one’s pass-code and gaining access to all personal documents like photos and others. Fortunately, this problem has a solution, if you don’t want any one to touch your personal data so just disable the Voice Dialing feature.

You’ll be wondering how is that possible? Well here is the answer; as soon as you dial a number, using voice dialing system, the confirmation for call occurs, at that very moment just eject the SIM out. This allow you to view your call history or photo gallery. You can also add new contacts, click pictures or can select pictures from the library.

Check out the video below.

Don’t worry because this fault, gives access only to your photos, as other important stuff like messaging is still safe. Hence, this means that by simply disabling your Voice Dialing feature, by going to Settings > General > Passcode Lock, you can overcome this security issue that has been experienced with the newly released iOS 6.1.3.

The method has been explained in a better way in the video, where the user dials a number that is not in the contact list, say 123 and then ejects the SIM out as soon as the call confirmation appears on the screen. But one thing that is not so certain in the video is that it is actually the device actually running iOS 6.1.3 or not. But it’s rather better to apply this precaution than keeping your personal data at a risk.

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